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At the beginning I would like to say, that I see the connection between one’s attitude towards life and his fate. For I believe, that exactly one’s thoughts and our way of thinking form one’s fate. Consequently if one is capable of so to say, controlling his thoughts, he is definitely capable of controlling his fate. By fate I mean certain chain of events, which form the life pattern of certain person. But of course, if we mean “death” by fate, it is harder to talk about control, even though to predict death is obviously possible. Nevertheless, not a single living being in the world, has managed to avoid death. Nor money, nor fame is able to keep one from dying. For if one is blessed with life, it’s natural that he is blessed with death, isn’t it? As wise men say: ‘There are only two things, which one can be completely sure about while he is alive. The first one is that definitely he was born. And the second one is that unconditionally he will die”.

In Western consciousness words ‘fate’ and ‘death’ have exceptionally tragic meaning. However, we have to be conscious of the fact that it’s not quite the same in many other cultures and traditions. For example, if we talk about connection of life and death from the classical Western point of view, than we consider death as the end of life. But if we look at the same connection from Eastern point of view, we will percept death as the continuance of life.

And concerning fate controlling matter, I would like to bring a quotation, which I have read once in the book: “Man is dragged hither and thither by fate as long as he is not conscious of the fact that he is the one who holds the threat”. As for me the meaning of this metaphorical quotation is the following: when one fully realizes that he is able to control his fate, in other words, to make things in life go the way he wants, he is no longer lost and pushed in different unexpected hurricanes of life, because from now on he holds the steering wheel.

As a conclusion, it is necessary to say that in spite of long lasting human efforts, question of life and death is likely to remain unresolved, unless reviewed from a completely different side, excluding logics and mind perception. For, there is still so much more for humanity to discover.


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