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The meaning of life is a statement which is very common in the world of philosophy. Many questions basically emanate from this statement such as why we are living in the first place, life is all about what? What the meaning of life in whole? This article is personal statement about the meaning of life basing the discussion on texts American beauty by Alan Ball, Dante's Inferno and The stranger by Albert Camus. It will focus on the three things that make us think that it is the meaning of life. The three concepts brought on the surface by these three texts in regard to the meaning of life is first the concept of being happy, existence and being conscious about what is happening around. These three concepts are further linked to evil and good, God's conception and free will.

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To begin with, the article will focus on the meaning of life from the perspective of death. As long as individuals exist, their living has basically no meaning which is valid. They in most cases struggle to come up with the meaning of their lives and this is indeed a difficult task if what they encounter is anything to go by. It is just absurd how they struggle for it when indeed there is none (Camus, 25). Both in the internal and the external world, individual's feelings and thought's do not bear any concrete order. He or she cannot describe his actions (Camus, 26). On the other hand, the society is equally caught on the confusion about how sometimes issues happen unreasonably. However much the society tries to come up with a universe that is rational, it is met with difficulties. This clearly indicates that the meaning of life is hard to come by given that things are very difficult to understand (Camus, 29).

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Another meaning of life is the fact that death is inevitable. Given that all will die sometime, it then translates that, life has no meaning (Camus, 33). One continues to understand that, the more unconcerned one is about the universe around him or her, the same treatment one gets from the universe. All individuals will live, die and finally their having existed will have no meaning any longer (Camus, 40). The more one continues to understand this, it no longer matters in which form death will present itself but the naked truth is that death will be inevitable. The false hopes that one holds onto can do nothing and is just a burden that courts an individual until his death. When one learns this, the meaning of life comes and one makes use of the days remaining.

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Looking at the meaning of life from God's conception, God created hell knowing very well that life would have no meaning without sins (Dantes, 23). Hell was deliberately brought into existence to punish sins and this clearly indicates that all sins are a violation of God's will. The punishment comes depending on the type of mistake done by an individual. God's justice comes in handy regardless of who the punishment is being met on. Putting this into consideration, it therefore means that, it is display of ignorance when one pity's sinners when they are being punished (Dantes, 34). All that happens in our life is not because of what we want but it is God who decides while in heaven. At the end of it all it is obvious that, in life, sin has no other interpretation and goes against the will of God which does not require any justification.

The meaning of life can also be interpreted to mean involving one's energy in something large than what one can manage. When an individual interprets the meaning of life from this perspective, it enables one to forget the issue of dying (Ball, 56). When the mind is concentrating on other things which are big than self engages the mind into so many activities that one cannot tell just how fast time is flying. This is probably brought about by the fear of dying. In an attempt to seek the meaning of life, it is only for the sole purpose of trying to derive pleasure from it. This clearly indicates that, when life itself is hard so is its meaning (Ball, 64).

In conclusion, the meaning of life is very complex if the above argument is anything to go by. Just like the individuals who cannot put life in an orderly way to get its meaning so is the society. From a godly point of view, he created sin in order for it to bring more meaning to life. Sin remains a sin regardless of who has committed it. When that happens, one is said to have gone against the will of God and therefore punished (Ball, 63). The meaning of life is courted throughout by the fact that death is inevitable. However much one tries to give himself hope thinking that in one way or another he can escape death, it is all in vain. The life after is yet another nightmare altogether which all must pass through. What a meaning of life.

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