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First grade students have the ability to use language, represent various objects, images or words and categorize objects using single attributes. According to Piaget’s developmental stages, first grade students have problems with taking others view point (Shaffer, 2009). With regards to Erikson these children are more social and less egocentric. They have a tendency of focusing on one object and form crude and permanent concepts (Shaffer, 2009).

Sixth graders consider problems with identity and are generally confused with their role in life. Due to this factor, they experience a big decline in their motivation for learning because they easily respond to the negative pressure (Harrison, 2005). They tend to flee from failure and efficacy by procrastination of evasion. This results into increasing the poor motivation and diminish the performance in class work.

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In comparison to the six grade students are more motivated then the first graders. The children are capable of choosing and working collaboratively with others .This is not the case for sixth grade students who have problems with identifying themselves and select colleagues with whom  they can cope with their problems. Sixth graders are highly influenced by peer pressure and tend to loose focus in learning. On the other hand, upon exposure to the new classroom environment, first grade students are highly curious and motivated to read and write (Marinak et al, 2012).

Sixth grade and high school students are capable of thinking logically regarding abstract propositions and systematically test hypothesis. They are also disturbed with hypothetical, future and ideological issues (Shaffer, 2009). According to Erikson their thinking is less tied to the tangible reality. One of the principal reasons for their decline in motivation compared to the first graders is that they have problems with self-esteem. They tend to prevent poor self-image by not engaging in self-defeating practices in order to defend their self-worth.

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