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Isaiah was a true prophet of the Lord and conveyed theLord’s message to the people of Judah during the reign of King Hezekiah. Isaiah was the son Amos. Isaiah served at time when kingdoms neighboring Judah  were captive to the Assyrians who were also a threat to Judah. The Assyrians had a successful army and had affiliations with well-equipped military rulerships (pg. 701). However, Hezekiah was a man of Lord and Isaiah had not much trouble conveying the message of the Lord to him time and again. Hezekiah devoted much time to prayer and consulted Isaiah the messenger of the lord quite often. He had absolute faith and never had a qualm that the lord would preserve his remnants in Israel. Hezekiah held onto praying to the Lord amidst threats by the Assyrians and the rulership of Ethiopia (pg. 710).

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Eventually, the messenger of the Lord, Isaiah came with a message to Hezekiah that the Lord had had his prayer and would not let Assyrians conquer his kingdom. Hezekiah’s prayer glorified the lord and sought to make neighboring nations acknowledge that their gods were crafts and the only Lord God was the God of Israel the living Lord. It happened that the King of Assyrians perished as Isaiah had prophesied and the kingdom of Judah was free and safe from invasion.

In this account, I have learned the role Isaiah played as a prophet and a messenger of the Lord in the Kingdom of Judah without losing focus to political issues. He is an embodiment of a true servant and perhaps he has given an exemplary servant life to many people who are aware of this account.  It does happen that responsibilities prove to be challenging and sometimes a person is overwhelmed to a degree that he shifts attention from the responsibility he is called for and takes sides. Isaiah desisted this and lived true to his calling thus, he an exemplary servant.

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