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Virtue or rather good quality and moral shows certain skill, excellence, or quality in somebody. According to Aristotle that something is the conformity to reason. Virtues are generally those good personality traits which facilitate someone to attain cheerfulness while paying obedience to the guidelines of reason. However they aren’t termed to be just instrumental in achieving happiness. The practice of virtues in modeling good personality make up the excellent life we all call happiness (Kraut (2010)).  

Aristotle argues out that no one who is born with virtues we just acquire them as we grow up. He is definitely correct by stating that we need virtuous role models for us to become virtuous. Ethical virtues are achieved through habituation whereas intellectual virtues are generated and natured through cognizant practice of learning. Thus for us to attain and put in practice all these virtues we need to be around morally upright people majorly when we are young and growing up (Kraut  (2010)).

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Practical wisdom is acquired intellectually by undergoing a process of teaching thus attaining the intellectual virtue. Once the good habits are in place, they have to be put in practice for them to be fully achieved.  Therefore no one who is born naturally wise as someone has to go through the process of habituation and then putting those habits in practice for them to be fully instilled in him/her.

Having moderation or rather self-control by default is not applicable in human beings since everyone grows in different background and environments of which some of the societies have a large percentage of morality whereas some places have moral degradation thus this definitely influences someone when growing up. As a result it is practically impossible for someone to have or rather possessed the ability to deliberate on how to attain virtuous ends naturally the society is the major influence in modeling someone’s virtues (Nicomachean Ethics. (n.d.))

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