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Saint Augustine is a person whose life was exceedingly unpleasant until he met Jesus Christ who was his personal savior. This essay will summarize two contributions made by Augustine to Christianity, and how they reveal particular circumstances of his life (Baird & Kaufmann, 2007).

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During his life, after he was saved, he contributed to the Christian worldview. The first contribution that he made was writing the book City of God.  He wrote this book to non-Christian addressees, on the basis of first Roman history and the entire history, with a careful Christian analysis in order to illustrate the existence of the spirit in the plain world of appearances. He used his art to spread the gospel of God to the non-believers, as well as strengthen the faith of the believers (Dodaro & Lawless, 2000).

Another contribution is the word of encouragement that he gave to the people who were converted to Christianity. His life was not exemplary and did not seem to be fulfilled before he attained spiritual satisfaction. In fact, his life became fulfilled when he dedicated it to God and served Him through service to the people. Eventually, he managed to achieve true realization and satisfaction that he had never received before. His life teaches Christians that the true satisfaction cannot be found in the earthly pleasures or materials, but is given from God to those who believe and serve Him (Dodaro & Lawless, 2000).

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