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Teaching philosophy is not just teaching. The philosophical statement is supposed to guide one throughout the teaching career. As a teacher, one is obliged to enter the classroom with highest expectations of the student. The teacher should maximize should all the positive benefits that come naturally. He should fulfill the prophecy with dedication, hard work and perseverance. The aim should be bring an open mind and high expectations in the classroom. Any philosophical teacher should bring diligence and consistency to not only the students but also to the community. Teaching philosophy is challenging and the philosophy teacher has to utilize five key principles of teaching. Students go to classroom for various reasons and the teacher should make them understand why they are in class. Teacher should make them understand that they are in class to learn something new.

Teaching philosophy can be done by the use of reading materials grouped as per the topics retrieved from contemporary and historical readings. Through this, students become acquainted with the major problems and issues in philosophy. Students are bale to think through issues on their own and this helps them in becoming better thinkers. This approach has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the major disadvantages of this approach is that it was meant for specialists and not all generations. Basing on a teacher’s perspective, the philosophical teacher can use the approach of providing the students with several major historical works. Since most of the major philosophical works were supposed to inspire all generations.

Another approach offers systematic study of the history of philosophy. Students can be inspired by the great books and ideas in the books. New students in philosophy class may not appreciate this approach. This leaves the teacher to use another approach. The final approach is the one of student audience in mind. Students face difficulties in learning philosophy but with guidance from the teacher, they can surpass all these difficulties. Teachers and instructors may prefer problem oriented format but should remember to supply historical perspectives and links. In Classics oriented format, philosophical inquires can be raised. Historical format on the other hand encourages the student to approach the materials with critical attitude. Any of the approaches can be used, but the philosophical teacher should provide enough reasons for any curricular decision reached. This allows the students to identify philosophy from different approaches.  

In classroom, the teacher should appreciate that Students learn through various methods. Philosophical teacher should communicate with the students to know of the best way of teaching his students. Nowadays, almost all subjects can be taught using the latest advent of technology including computers and projectors He should respect that different students learn through various means. Visual learners greatly depend on pictures to gain knowledge. Graphs, diagrams and illustrations should form a better part of learning. Auditory students listen keenly to the teacher grasping every word uttered by the teacher says. Physical lessons should also be utilized. This is in respect to the fact that some students cannot understand unless they do something physical.


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