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One of the most famous literature pieces that Sartre was able to produce is Anti-Semite and Jew. The presentation has been so vivid and hypothetically dramatic in its entirety. However, it cannot be denied that there is more to it than plain entertainment for the people. In Anti-Semite and Jew of Sartre, the author has created 4 actors that developed an easy understanding of the word diversity and how it affected the creation of one self and the perception of other being. Apparently, the Anti-Semite hated everything about the Jews. They hated the concept of modernity that represents the Jews. However, it can be seen that in the process of hating the Jews, the Anti-Semite had established the necessity of the Jew’s existence in their lives. It can be said that even in the absence of the Jews, the Anti-Semite would have created them by themselves to satisfy the longing in their very soul. Sartre has created in this piece of literature a certain degree of acknowledged diversity in the community as represented by the Anti-Semite, the Jews, the Authentic Jews and the Democrat. It has been established in this piece of literature how each of these groups of community is not able to perfectly deal and mingle with each other. But then again, it can be said that even in the absence of such tolerance for each other, in the very core of their being they wanted to become somewhat like each other. The role that each group played in the literature has affected each and every one of them in return. It is undeniable that even in the absence of liking to the culture and values of one another; their being is perfectly affected by the role each of them has portrayed. For example, the Jews have become the minority because of the oppression of the Anti-Semite. 


On the other hand, Fanon’s Black Skin, White masks posits a similar concept of the creation of one self and the perception of the being of another person. However, the creation of one-self has become even more significant in the campus and university settings. This is particularly true when the dominant people in Martinique have been the result of the adoption of the foreign language which in this case is that of French. The native tongue of the Martinique people is being suppressed in campuses and schools. Clearly, it tackled the known fact that education has not become the platform for diversity during in which the literature was written and published. Taking into a closer look the present system of education as compared to what has been embodied in the Black Skin, White Masks it is reported that one third of the students enrolled in public schools are speaking a first language that is not English. Hence, the minority is increasing. This is particularly true in campus and universities where there foreign exchange students are being accepted. The interaction between different races will then increase. However, this is not the case in Fanon’s Black Skin White Mask (Silverman, 1). The question being posited is whether or not the suppression of the native language will yield to a positive way of socialization or an increased creation of other self and an intensified form of discrimination. Since there has been no tolerance for diversity in order to ensure equal rights especially for students from different races, the Black people are mimicking the French. By tolerance, it means that the students are being asked not to cross the lines between racial differences. It means that the students must learn to respect each other regardless of whether or not they are Americans, Asians, Germans or Canadians or Martiniques. The students are being taught not to violate other people simply because they are different or because they belong to a minority.

It is a known fact that racial discrimination is one of the major problems and challenges before and now. As a matter of fact, everyday there is a growing number of complaints and drop outs in campuses as consequences of bullying and racial discrimination. It did not changed a bit since the publishing of the Black Skin White Masks although it lessened a bit. There was no tolerance or whatsoever. And therefore, the Black people in the literature are being forced to adopt the culture, values and the language of the dominating race. With the increasing need for education, the Black people will do everything it takes in order to fit in to the society and just prepare themselves to face the complexities and consequences of having diversified groups within its territory. Diversity does not only mean to connote that people are from different races although it is more inclined to tackle racial differences. However, it must be noted that diversity is not only races but more so religion, political affiliations and educational background. Each and every person differs from one another and diversity is something that cannot be avoided. But then again, it has been clearly stated and shown in the literature that in order for the Blacks to succeed in life, they should gain education or learn the dominating language. Without which, they are doomed to fail. It cannot be helped but asked: Will tolerance be enough to maintain a peaceful learning environment? Or will it simply pave the way for people to not care as to what is happening with their fellow students? It is in this regard that there is a need to understand tolerance and diversity on a deeper and more accurate manner so as to prevent wrong moves and put those in the minority in a very detrimental situation. It cannot be denied that it is the role of the society and the government to ensure that each and diversified groups and ethnicities are being afforded equal rights and opportunities for growth and learning. But such is not the case in the Black Skin White Masks.

Apparently, there is a downside in the move to liberate the Black people through education and adoption of the French language. Although it definitely help those in the minorities to act without fear of being bullied but their socialization will definitely be affected. With the desire to succeed, they acted to be someone that they really are not. They adopted a culture that destroyed who they are. As a matter of fact, they have become even more confident with their language that they do not want to speak their native tongue.  Instead of fostering socialization and commitment to interact with other people from their roots and same cultural background, such desire for success has enabled them to look into life to be not about interdependency but rather on a solo exploration of life. There has been a huge lacking of interest to further their own cultural independence and pride.  Hence, the society has been affected severely since there will definitely be no effort to embrace diversity at all. It will just be a mere tolerated event or phenomenon that no one will be interested to embrace in the quest to improve how the dominating group of people and the working class or the minorities and the ethnic groups should treat each other and other racial class.


Both literatures have been written in such a way that the society will understand that the manner in which each and every human being acts and thinks affects everyone. This situation will make it hard for the racial minority. It hopes to enable the move to create and impose a moral education that will help and guide people and the society in general to embrace the reality that people are different from each other but it does not mean that one race is less than the other. All races are equal. It does not matter whether or not the student has a white, black or brown skin. It is about learning to socialize with them without having to harm their well-being.


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