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Q1 Even though, the United States constitution was the first written constitution in the world, this document written by founding fathers has continued to inspire Americans. During a change of more than two hundred years, the constitution has served Americans adequately by enhancing freedom and prosperity. The inspiration legacy of this historical document is based on its ability to raise and praise three fundamentals: “the separation of powers into Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary; the freedom of press, speech, and religion embodied in the Bill of Rights; and the equality of all people before the law” (Dallinh, 2010). Therefore, the constitutional document has continued to inspire Americans, as they continue to believe in the principle of constitutional government that enhances the struggle for human freedom.

Q2 George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are universally considered two of the best president in U.S. history due to their talents and qualities. Washington is well known for his leadership, courage, and vision that emanated from his character and talents that set the United States on its path to greatness. He remained steadfastly honest and ethical. This brought out his highest sense of personal dignity and that of his course and country. His talent of modesty came from his ability to absorb and personify the dignity code based on the U.S. constitution (Behn, 2012). He, therefore, believed that artificial systems such as constitution should be created to balance and restrain human beings. His dignity code ensured that national interest is put above the personal interest of which Washington adhered to.

Similarly, Abraham Lincoln adhered to the character of integrity coupled with his talent of political skills that enabled him to successfully lead U.S. from its greatest internal crisis, the American Civil War. This was to preserve the Union and end slavery that had hindered human freedom. For instance, he introduced Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 and promoted the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the constitution that abolished slavery (Behn, 2012). Therefore, his character of being an inclusive facilitator established him as a prudent and reputable president in U.S. history.

Q3 In conclusion, however, the American political system has always not been consistent with the principles and practices of a democratic electoral process. While a democratic system is characterized by fair, free, and competitive election through which representative democracy, which is operated distinctly by separation of powers, rule of law, and protection of human rights and civil liberties, U.S. political system is of the contrary. This is due to the fact that the political system in principles and practice is drawn from the constitution as devised by “founding fathers” who did not want to give too much power to people. For instance, the president is only elected by acquiring the largest number of votes in the Electoral Collage (at least 270 votes) rather than the largest number of votes obtained nationwide (Pomper & Weiner, 2006).


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