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According to Barrack Obama, an American patriot may not always make headlines, be singled out for any award or even noticed by anybody but close family and friends. He or she lives a quiet, long productive life and ends up being buried with a little fanfare. An American patriot does not support the government. Actually, the true patriots were always against the government. Moreover, revolting against the government is what made them patriots. The actual definition of a patriot can be derived from those who signed the Declaration of Independence and their actions (Tinlin, 2011).

The patriots denounced the government and its agents openly in the gatherings, public speeches and in print. They made everyone aware of their opinions and beliefs concerning the tyrannical government that was against the common man’s liberty. Moreover, at risk of their own life, they did this prior to 1775. Further, they secretly managed to overthrow the government, but later, it was done openly. Their aim was to establish an absolutely new and different government system in America. The government branded them names such as seditionists and traitors, but they still stood ground. The American patriots later started killing the representatives of armed forces that enforced dictatorship by the government. At a great economic and personal risk a few men did this, which made them true American patriots. Anyone wishing to be called an American patriot must be ready to do what was done in 1775 by our forefathers (Santorum, 2012). The patriots must be ready for branding and not allow themselves to get away with those names. Were it not for the patriots, America would not have gained the current type of government.

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Being a president of America does not make one an American patriot. Rev. Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. was one of the greatest American patriots who led the Civil Rights Movement. Other patriots were the solders in service during the two World Wars and the women who advocated for equal rights. All the patriots have some common qualities. For example, they all love their country, the United States of America, and respect the American flag and the Republic. All the patriots express their bond, feeling of brotherhood and love as a nation, with justice, liberty and under God. Therefore, an American patriot loves his/her country. A real patriot should express love towards his country through the deeds which the nation is built upon in order to observe the acts of patriotism. According to Erick Erickson (n.d.), “to be a patriot, you have to have some component of faith. The quintessential core belief of American patriotism, the cornerstone, is the belief that we were destined to be the ‘shining city on the hill.’ You’ve got to have a faith component to really believe that”. Parents are entitled to teach their children to be patriotic.

The American patriots can also be known as revolutionaries, rebels, American Whigs or congress-men. They rebelled against the British control till 1776, when America was declared an independent nation. Those patriots based their rebellion on republicanism according to Thomas Paine, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Such great patriots such Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were assassinated for standing up for liberty and freedom. The greatest American patriots often die for their nation, which is caused by the great sacrifices they make. These patriots must be honored when alive or posthumously (Bennett & Cribb, 2008).

In conclusion, the American patriots played a very important role in the history of their country. They brought a change in the government through the numerous revolts. Some of them even lost their lives for the love of their country. It was through their sacrifices that America realized a positive change in its governmental system. The real patriots should always be remembered for their dedication and hard work in the name of their nation.


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