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The USA PATRIOT, also known as the Patriotic Act was formulated in 2001 and was signed by the former U.S president George w. Bush. It was formulated with the aim of bringing unity to the country and strengthening the nation. This is through providing the right tools which were to be used to intercept the occurrence of any terrorism attack both domestically and internationally. The terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001 were the driving force behind this act (FINCEN, 2001). The attack was unexpected, and it led to massive loss of life. The act enforced to protect the country from any other future occurrence of terrorist attacks.

The policy has the aim of protecting all the citizens of America. It has given more power to the government for enhancement of security can be enhanced. The government can explore the details of the activities of an individual that are held by the third party. It also has the power to ransack private property without the knowledge of the owner. In cases of suspicion, communication can be traced and trapped if it has any leading information that threatens the lives of the people (ACLU, 2010). Intelligence searches have also been expounded, and the government can collect leading information linked to any terrorist suspects.

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The policy is crucial for the safety of all the citizens of America. However, the freedom bestowed on the policy goes against some amendments that were done in the constitution. The freedom of speech is intercepted; there is no free communication since it can be traced. The citizens have been denied the right to be informed in the event that their private property is to be searched. Personal documents belonging to people and companies are also searched without their full knowledge. This leads to leaking of confidential information. This policy has brought differences in the nation through the violation of some fundamental rights (Clinh & Cole, 2003).

These clashes in the laws of the constitution should be reviewed and appropriate strategies implemented. There is a need for distinct laws that govern the country without any conflict of interest. Little time was invested in the discussion of the law, and most members of the parliament did not critically analyze the law. Misunderstandings in the judiciary are caused as a result of this conflict. The need for amendment is called for to restore order in the judiciary. This corrective measure should be done to restore tranquility in the country and aid in effective propagation of the Policy Act.

The Policy Act is a vital component in the laws that govern the United Kingdom. The law protects the citizens from any terrorist attacks similar to the one which occurred on September 11, 2001. This act gives the government too much control over the nation. Some of the provisions in the act collide with those in the fourth amendment. Violation of the rights of the citizens is experienced. More debates should be done, and appropriate strategies discussed on how balance can be achieved. This is fundamental for the smooth running of the government and also necessary to avoid conflict.


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