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Willets Point United group would like to raise a very significant concern about H. R 1433. There has been underlying issues for along especially on the development of the neighborhood of the city. Several attempts have been made to change the face of the city. The key issue is the redevelopment plan for Willets Point City.

Proposal that the eminent domain take over our private property for public use and development is against the constitution of the United States.  Willets Point United Group strongly oppose the move and support The Private Protection Rights Act of 2012. As the senator of New York City, we are requesting for your support to the Bill in the Judiciary Committee.

Reasons Why Should the Bill be Passed

Willets Group feels that the proposal is backwards and should never be accepted. Willets Point City has a long history as a beautiful city and such move will take us to the ancient times. We feel that the redevelopment plan is overtaken by events and is not a priority currently. Besides, it will result into numerous alterations to the city which is already on the move towards growth. It will also lead to confusion in the city as some structures will have to be redesigned. Hence the bill must be passed.

We also feel that the plan will make the owners of Willets Point Union to lose business. The Group has invested heavily on the neighborhood of Iron Triangle. We own residential and commercial buildings that give us income monthly. Other businesses include repair shops, scrap yards and the small micro-enterprises. There are industries that produce consumables for our live hood.  The plan is a threat to the survival of your people. As our senator we would like you to use your proficiency in H.R 1433 and political influence to ensure that the bill is passed.

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Honorable Charles, the redevelopment proposal is a political motivation to oppress Willets Point United. The Group feels that the eminent domain seems to have interest in the metropolis. The Agenda is hidden behind the change plan for the attractive city which has been desired by many distinguished people. For example, in 2008, the redevelopment arrangement was rejected by the New York City Council when 29 council members signed against it. Later in 2009, WPU Group discovered that the change plan for the city had been improperly allocated.

The plan is against the law and so this bill must be passed. The Private Property Rights Protection Act of 2012 limits the ability of state and local governments to use eminent domain to take private property for economic development. Our property cannot be seized by anyone and we are ready to defend our properties and city. We are petitioning you as our senator to ensure that the bill is passed because it is in line with the constitution of America.

As you are aware, the 5th Amendment of American constitution says that ‘No person shall be….deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law: nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.’ Now that you are familiar with H.R 1433 and you have handled a similar case before we are counting on you. You also have the support of the American constitution and it is therefore possible for this bill to be passed so that justice can be done the Group.

The 14th Amendment of U.S constitution also gives us room to argue our case in the redevelopment plan that has been proposed. It says, ‘…..nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. According to the statement, Willets Point Group is protected just like in the H.R 1433. As our senator, we are asking you to utilize this clause from our constitution so that the bill can be passed.

Redevelopment plan for Willets Point metropolitan is an act of corruption. Politicians who are in the council and state are looking for reason to get funds with excuse of growth. Such funds may be overstated and quoted inaccurately for the proposed function. This will give room for embezzlement of federal funds. We are therefore concerned and would like you to campaign for the passing of this crucial bill.

The status quo of Willets Point Group is threatened. We have led the growth of the city for many years and we feel that the move to change the city may make us to lose our class in the society. Being the opinion leaders, we have the right to speak when our well being is intimidated. The move may affect the traditions of the city. It is also important to note that the neighborhood of the town is part of the Queens Community Board. Hence we urge you to ensure that the Private Property Rights Protection Act of 2012 is passed.

The Bill should be passed because it will create peace in Willets Point City. Without the bill, other people may still come with the same thoughts.  But H.R 1433 will discontinue New York City and other municipalities, local and state governments from their pursuit of redevelopment in the city. As our senator, you have an opportunity to make a policy for your people. We believe that it is possible for his to be passed.

Mr. Charles, we hope that the reasons given above are convincing enough to enable you to consider the bill in the senate. 


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