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A manager is a person who is responsible for directing and planning a group of individuals work while monitoring their progress. A leader influences a group of people towards achievement of a set goal by going first as the others follow. The difference between management and leadership is in the way they motivate the people who work around them. (Bertocci, 2009) Managers have subordinates, since they are at a position of authority given to them by their organization. They lead by the power of the formal authority that they have over the subordinates. Leaders on the other hand, do not have subordinates as they give up their formal authoritarian control and lead by example.

In an organization, there is the need for both leadership and management since they complement each other in the workplace. Leaders have a personal vision as they visualize the goal and work towards it, while guiding and motivating the followers to do the same. They will seek the opinion of their followers if they feel that it will help in achieving the goal. Managers get the work done, as they are subordinates too. Their work focus is within the boundaries of time, money and resources. This makes them be relatively risk averse, and they avoid conflict as much as possible. (Hart, 1999)

The fact that leaders are very achievement based (Glasma, 1986) leads them to spend time focusing on the welfare of their followers, ensuring' they are well motivated for the work ahead without much focus on their subordinates, as opposed to managers. The speed and efficiency by which the subordinates accomplish the tasks given is the prime focus of a managerial post. Good leaders are supportive and effective, while good managers are good disciplinarians and efficient. Managers provide instructions and coordinate the effort to follow them, while leaders create opportunities and a strategic alignment.

The organization system of Kudler Fine Foods is working toward creating an excellent collection of domestic and imported food variety. For them to achieve this goal, they have to have leaders that focus towards achieving this goal. Kathy Kudler is the founder of the firm; has a goal of turning the firm into a successful food store. Her long-term strategic plan of turning the store into an excellent one-stop food store provides her with a vision and long-term goal to work towards as a leader. With the help of a network of departmental managers and her being their leader, she can be able to achieve her visions and goals.

The organization structure of the firm is too general as it lacks a clear managerial hierarchy. Dividing it into departments would be a better approach according to the activities and the number of stores. The three stores should have separate departments of; wines and spirits, a bakery, dairy products and other food products relatively. This is to help customers to have an easy time while accessing their desired products, and for more efficient for the stewards assisting the customers. It will also make marketing, accounting work and goal setting for each product easier.

The fact that Kathy Kudler has been a Vice President of marketing at a corporate life, she knows the management needs of the company. Since she is the owner of the shop, she has a clear vision of the goals that she needs to achieve for it. Therefore, in order to relieve herself of too much workload, she should hire a general manager to be in charge of marketing. She should also hire a customer relations manager who will be in charge of the needs of the customers as they make their orders. A production manager should be in charge of the food and drinks production in all the shops. These managers will be working with subordinate unit managers from the three shop units. With these managers under her leadership, she will work towards accomplishing her vision, the long-term strategies and ways to motivate them to work effectively.

This will help the networking of the firm by ensuring coverage of all the sectors of the store. Her leadership will encourage the managers to get results in their relative departments, as she motivates them to achieve efficiency and growth in their relative department. The marketing manager will ensure that all the three stores have increased sales, as he works with the leaders appointed to in the marketing department of each store. In each store, there are stewards appointed to help the customers in making their selection. He can create a network between stewards and the marketing staff; since the staff has knowledge on what the customers need, whereas the marketing team has a mission of providing the finest products. The production manager will ensure that every good in the production list is in good circulation, the customers are not having a shortage and that the production department has put their needs into consideration.

The stores can strengthen their network by sharing the goals of their leader and working towards them together. This will ensure that the leader does not adapt to the autocratic style where she makes un- informed decisions unilaterally. The subordinates in the improved network will be able to shed light on problems and provide ideas for solving them. This will create communication channels with a paternalistic approach where decisions have the best interest of the employees and customers. This will increase and satisfy their customer base by the collective services offered to them.

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