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I. Proposal

Saving Our Youth Organization is a non-profit group. SOYO IS applying for federal funding to create educational physical fitness community centers. Our mission is to fill the gap in our society's educational and physical fitness and engage our youth in numerous activities. We are requesting the federal government to fund a ten year project and support SOYO with 100 million dollars to create and fund youth center in failing school districts in an effort to promote physical fitness and educational programs.

After the closure of schools, we have noticed an increase in juvenile crimes and deaths of children. A lot has also been written about the youth who have no place to go and are forced to hang out in the dangerous city streets.  These children tend to engage in criminal acts because they have no place else to go.  They have a higher likelihood of joining the street gangs and use drugs to overcome their lack of involvement in other fruitful youth activities.

SOYO plans to take students after schools' closure and remodel them into youth community centers offering physical fitness and educational opportunities. The center has realized that often the community crumbles and the youth are left behind to fend for themselves. Therefore, it also plans to create centralized community centers offering physical fitness opportunities for all ages. Indoor and outdoor tracks with field sports will also be offered with the goal of teaching good sportsmanship and leadership.  Educational benefits from SOYO will include mentoring and tutoring in all subjects. The center also plans to establish a state of the art computer lab for the community with a wireless hub and online services.

II. Costs

a. Operational

i. Wages & Benefits - they include wages and benefits for the employees to be recruited in the youth center. The benefits will also be for the trained youth who will work as life guards and tutors at the center.

This will benefit the region because it will offer employment to the youth who will also learn a lot and gain experience while successfully developing good work ethics.

ii. Fixed costs - being a non-profit group, the administration costs are targeted to be kept at a minimum by relying more on volunteers.

SOYO will also cut down the costs by using green energy and recycling also in an effort to be environmentally friendly.

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iii. Upgrades - the center will use trust funds and donations to finance equipment and facilities upgrades.

b.Start up

i. Purchasing land and building

ii. Remodeling the existent structures - the process will start with evaluating the cost comparison of remodeling a closed school and building a new center to establish the most appropriate and the one which is cost effective

iii. Community support - the center will also engage in building community trust fund that will support the youth and develop their self sufficiency

III. Locations

a. SOYO purposes to find a centralized location where the largest part of the community can enjoy easy access.

b. The target location is also prospected to be near bus routes and with easy access to mass transport.

c.The location also targets a possibility of the youth having the opportunity to use after school programs

d. The location also prospects to use property that has been reposed to avoid heavy taxes.

IV. Funding

Each facility is targeted to use 5 million for a start up. Then an annual budget of 1 million will be allocated to the center in the next five years. The budget may be increased depending on the donations received. The board of Directors is mandated to determine the projects that will need funding and how much to use of the trusts interest each year. Any funds not used in that period will be allocated to the centers trust. At the end of the five year period the center will receive a 1 million dollar, that will be endowment to their trust if they become self sufficient within that period.

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a. Yearly - the calculation will include a one million annual budget divided by percentage of use as discerned by the board of directors.

b. Total cost - Initial estimates by the board of directly estimated the total cots to be ten million.

c. Transition to community funding

i. Trusts - Each center will have a trust fund that will be targeted to finance and fund all the centers activities

ii. Advertisers - Advertising space will be sold by the community and board of directors' initiative to fund the centers trust.

iii. The center will also be rented for special events and the collections will be contributed to the trust fund

V. Benefits

a. Physical

i. Water activities - The center will maintain a state of the art swimming and diving facilities. It will sponsor events and local competitions to create a atmosphere of competitive sportsmanship among the youth.

1. Swimming

2. Diving

3. Water slides

4. Water games

a. Polo

b. Volley ball

c. Aerobics

ii. Indoor track - the space available at the center will be used both for indoor and outdoor activities. This will allow the running and walking activities to continue in all weather conditions. This will also allow athletes to train in their respect track event year round.

1. Running

2. Cross training

iii. Work out rooms

1.Weight lifting - The center will be equipped too offer resistance training and free weights to facilitate activities that will train students as professional athletes, coaches and trainers.

2. Conditioning

iv. Dance and cheer teams

v. Gymnastics

b. Educational

i. Computer labs

ii. Mentors

iii. Libraries

c. Community

i. Food bank

ii. Clothing bank

iii.Supervise youth activities

d.Activities - Activities will be dependent on the community's youth preferences. In the remodeling stage, the youth will be involved in the design and construction of the center and its activities including:

i. Billiards

ii. Video games

iii. Ping pong

iv. Card games

v. Board games

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