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Dry wall installed in houses between 2005 and 2006 was imported from china when suppliers in the United States could not keep up, during the construction boom that ensued following the destruction that was caused by the gulf coast hurricanes. However dry wall was in in use as early as 2001. In the recent years this corrosive dry wall has been reported to have some destructive effects. The people who purchased or built homes recently are experiencing the destructive effects of the dry wall.

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The corrosive dry wall in addition to emitting hydrogen sulfide gas, it also blackens and has corrosive effect on copper wires, house hold appliances made of copper and the conditioning evaporator coils that contain copper elements. The dry wall is reported to pose a health risk to the people residing in the homes where it is installed with Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida and Virginia accounting for the bulk of the report from CPC. The cases are projected to increase in the coming days.  According to CPC reports, dry wall sheets in excess of 5.5 million were imported from china. Out of this some brands were found to give off hydrogen sulfide gas.

The intent of this article is to enable the CPAs guide their clients who may have a problem with the corrosive wall to take advantage of the safe harbor formula and guidance outlined in the revenue procedure that was issued in September 2010 by IRS. The revenue procedure is available to individuals who pay to repair damage to their personal residence or household appliances from the effects of corrosive drywall.

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