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Earl Shoris, in his many scholarly works, developed an argument in support of his belief that education was a powerful tool used effectively by those who had an inbuilt urge to know and gain more. He did a lot of research and at some point depended on interviews to obtain more information. One of his interviewees was a lady prisoner by the name Viniece who was very instrumental in giving a different dimension to Shoris’ arguments. This study aims at analyzing Viniece’s argument that the only way to eradicate poverty is to focus on the younger generation by instilling down town morals in them. It also relates Viniece’s argument to those of other scholars.

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Down town morals, according to Viniece, constitute the thorough analysis of the concepts and concerns of any needy human being. Viniece’s believed that people had to be aware of the needs of others and help them meet their needs. From her experience as being unemployed to being a prisoner, she argued that it was not jobs and money that could elevate the poor in any society. People had to change their morals to be open-ended and accommodative. She believed that the poor in any society did not need anyone to pull them out of their state. Avenues, through which the poor could pull themselves, existed and all they needed was to reflect deeply on their concerns.  She had learned to reflect herself and found out that it helped a lot. Either, she believed that the morals of any individual had a significant effect on their political opinion.

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Viniece’s argued that the poor had to first reflect on the concepts of human nature by studying humanities to evaluate their needs to understand better what they really wanted. This, she argued, would start by focusing on the younger generation. The down town morals were to be instilled in them through various teachings. They were to be taken to places like museums, theater halls and concerts. Lectures were to be organized for them to learn more as a means of instilling these morals. She also believed that the distinction that had existed between the rich and the poor was to be eliminated by any possible means. People had to co-exist peacefully and any form of segregation in terms of racism or other means was to be abolished.  This was to provide a platform over which the morals would be open-ended and accommodative.

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Her views tend to lean towards those of Charles Murray who carried out extensive research on the existing disparities in the society. He acknowledged that there existed class differences which were majorly caused by differing values and behaviors in people. He argued that the differences in societal classes were not caused by economic factors but by erosion of the traditional bonds that connected people together irrespective of their social class. This, in a way, advances Viniece’s argument that moral teachings was the only way to eradicate poverty as both of them agreed that it was poor moral orientation that caused all these problems.

Her argument, on the other hand, conflicted with that advanced by Timothy Noah and the general American practices of imperialism. Noah believed that the economic conditions of the day segregated people where by those of higher social class continued to gain more wages at the expense of the poor whose wages stagnated. He argued strongly that the American population was to practice democracy by electing political leaders with a bias for the Democrats whom he believed their policies had been favorable over a longer time period.

It can be concluded, therefore, that Viniece’s arguments tend to lean more towards Murray’s arguments. Thus, to find a solution to any problem, is must be clearly defined and proper prescription in any attempt at finding out its solutions. Viniece’s argument that the only way to eradicate poverty is to focus on the younger generation by instilling down town morals in them holds ground and should be employed extensively.

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