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Executive summary:

Following the need of a developer to create a website providing an on-line for students study in the IT capstone project unit to register their team information, and supervisor to view and update team information in the system, here is a project proposal on the website for Queensland University of Technology.

The websites context will mainly be based on the requirements from the unit. The interface design will also be easy to use hence providing students and the supervisor a user friendly environment.

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The proposed website will require the students as well as the teaching staff to register in the website before they can access the functions of the site. 


This proposal requires students who study IT capstone project unit to work within a team, this will base their work as a part of simulation of an authentic project. The whole project developed out of this proposal will be based upon a specification developed in conjunction with their team leader and industry sponsors.

The unit undertaken by students of Queensland University of technology (QUT) is requiring someone to create website that provides an online services especially registering their students in the data base. The website created as per this proposal will aid supervisors to review and update team information and it will provide room for further upgrading for the projected growth of this university and achieve its goals either in short-run or long-run


Further knowledge gained from the study of this unit requires student to demonstrate their knowledge by undertaking this project as a requirement for the fulfillment of PhD level. The knowledge gained need to be smart that the student can fully implement it on daily basis as IT keeps on changing. This proposal need student to work in group of both 4-5 and each member must participate for their better development of their project. Throughout the development of this project further research questions need to be addressed.

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Problem statement

The purpose of student working into groups is to address the following types of problems: The real business problem, the website need to provide ideal comfort zone for the university to carry out business as the university is not prohibited carrying out business using their domain name, The real market needs, the website must satisfy the needs of people who visit it on regular basis, it should also provide immediate feedback such as customer care to handle student queries. Another problem statement concerns about the difficulties experienced in formulating this proposal. We carried activities such as developing project document, identifying and analyzing business and user requirement, defining system requirement and the production of a proposal and specification.

Project Description

When developing this work we came up with some requirements that guided us to the completion of this proposal, we needed to create a website call “Online Team worker” for IT capstone project unit, by using Application Programming Interface in addition to this, the website needed to allow online registration of student and view team information. Students should be able to upload and download files in order to facilitate research in the campus. For the completion of the proposed project we will need technical requirements, skill requirement, and hardware/software requirements.

Purpose/objective of the study

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The purpose of this study is to come up with a system that satisfies the whole student body by making sure that the software and hardware run concurrently on each other, for the website to function effectively and allow a number of browsers, it should have some supporting features such as; Dreamweaver, computer, Microsoft office, internet, Oracle and server. The website to be developed will affect teaching staff of capstone project, the students who are studying the subject and the Queensland University of technology as a whole.

Another purpose of this study is that whether the website will allow students to join other team of students online, view teams, alter team, complete group meetings, and complete group progress form.

On the other hand the teaching staff work will be made easier as they will be able to view groups of students, sort students according to their registration numbers, move students into groups, remove students from group and remove groups.

Technical specifications

At the end the website should fully work as proposed considering the fact that it should support a number of browsers such as internet Explorer7/8, Mozilla Firefox and safari. Some kind of technical requirements needs to be on fingertips of the group members, every member should know how to programme, communicate, be a team leader and know the basic elements of a data base.


At the end of every stage we reported to the supervisors and assistance was granted where necessary. A meeting was conducted every two weeks to correct findings from fellow group members these findings helped us in coming up with this wonderful proposal.

Gantt Diagram

No weekends included in the Gant chart, all dates are from Monday to Friday. 

Project Outcomes

This proposal will develop a good project which we will use to implement the project; we hope the project will be of good assistance to the university and meet the need of our fellow students. The website will provide student and staff an easy way to view team information which will benefit both student and staff.

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