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The skills that prepare me for the ultimate success in this program include perfect writing skills. These are essential for better communication in the business world. For instance, writing memos, official letters as well as business reports. Social networking is also another skill needed for succeeding in business. This is required so as to market the company while creating a wide social network as well as close business deals with other business partners. Financial knowledge as well as strategic planning is also required to make a successful business.

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How Does this Program Meet your Educational and/or Professional Goals?

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The business program meets the educational objectives through offer general knowledge on how to deal with business matters in an organization. Business skills also provide a platform for self-confidence based on public speaking skills. The writing skills learnt in business also apply to the educational goal of excelling in academics. This program also helps me to be a strategic planner in the broad aspect of life. The strategic skills in business program help one achieve his professional goals through making future decisions that will make the business prosper as well as dealing with the emerging issues in a professional way.

Identify and Share Your Opinion on an International Issue that you are Following

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The global issue on the frontline in this program is expanding business links across the world. This is based on the level of competition in the modern business world.

How Will you Contribute to the WBB Program and its Campus Communities?

The best technique to contribute to WBB program is by organizing for seminars and workshops to teach all the campus communities on the business ideas. These seminars are meant to expand the business awareness the campuses have for an augmented growth in economy.

What Skills do you Find Most Useful in Adapting to Changing Environments?

The skills needed to cope with a changing environment include proper training, intense research on the new business idea as well as exchange programs with the companies who have already tried the new strategies in the market. 

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