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The movie tears of the sun runs for 121 minutes.  It is written by Alex Lasker and Patrick Cirillo. The movie is directed by Antoine Fuqua. It is produced by Ian Bryce, Mike Lobell and Arnold Rifkin.  Cinematography is done by Mauro Fiore and editing by Conrad Buff. It is produced by revolution studios and Cheyenne enterprises and distributed by Columbia pictures. It is in English and is produced in the United States. The movie cost $70,500,000 to make. The movie is starred by Bruce Willis (Lieutenant Waters), Monica Belucci (Dr Kendricks) and Cole Hauser (Red Artkins)

The cast who acted as seals went for a boot camp that lasted a fortnight. In the boot camp they had to refer to each other by their character names on and off camera so as to get to mingle well before the shooting of the movie. Misfortune befell the shooting when actor Kevin Tod Smith, cast as one of the seals, died accidentally on a visit to China. He fell of a cast tower when he lost his footing while shooting another film.

 The plot of this movie is a group of us Seals led by Lieutenant waters ( Bruce Willis) sent to the war torn Nigeria where there is corruption and disorder to rescue a US citizen Dr Kendricks (Monica  Belucci) who is a medic in the war torn Nigeria. The orders are o rescue the doctor and pull out. Lieutenant Waters defies orders have pity on the destitute children and women and decides to rescue them. By taking the children and women Waters risks the life of everyone. They finally made it safely though there were several casualties.

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Buy Analysis of the film “tears of the sun” essay paper online

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