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The myth of Asian-American model minority is based on the view that Asians living in America are more successful than other minority groups. The model is applied to the largest Asian communities such as Indian, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. It was developed when Asian-Americans were perceived to be making substantial progress in most sectors despite that fact that they were a minority group in America. The myth asserts that most Asians living in America have attained massive financial benefits due to their spirit of hard work (Bascara, P 106). In line with this, they are perceived pacesetters for other minority groups such as African-Americans. The stereotype also holds that Asian-Americans are bright people making tremendous steps to access higher levels of education. It is argued that they have occupied many schools where they emerge as successful students with a bright future. The model minority myth further describes Asian-Americans as disciplined individuals who adhere to strong family view and tradition. They are seen to stay in the family life and hold strong religious beliefs. Asian-Americans are perceived to have been represented in the education sector despite the fact that they only make up to 5% of the American population (Chou and Feagin, P 155). Model minority is based on the successes of Asian-Americans as a minority group.

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There are several disadvantages associated with the myth. For instance, teachers perceived Asian students as being best performers thus, denying them attention. They were intelligent and could read by themselves. In addition, most Asians faced harassment from other races due to the feeling that they were being favored by the state. The myth is also a dehumanizing description of the Asian community and has made them appear distinct from other normal individuals in the society (Chou and Feagin, P 200). This has led to increased suffering and depression of most Asians due to the denial of vital services. The model impacts negatively on the Asian-Americans.

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