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The movie John Tucker Must Die was directed by Betty Thomas. It is a romantic comedy in a high school setting. Three girlfriends (Carrie, Heather and Beth) plan to execute a plan that will leave the manipulative John Tucker completely shattered. They achieve their purpose through recruiting a naïve girl (Kate) in order to publicly humiliate John Tucker. The scene of concern is the one where Kate has a kissing lesson from Beth. In the scene, Beth practically teaches Kate how to give John a good kiss in order to lure him into her charms.  The scene ends when John returns to the car unexpectedly, and Beth has to hide in the back seat in order to ensure that John does not see her and realize that it is a scheme.

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The scene is enhanced by the dialogue between Beth and Kate. This keeps the audience informed on the intentions of the two characters. The editor has also used close shots so as to draw the attention of the audience to the practical kiss between the girls. This is also appropriate since the girls are in a car. Therefore, the close shot makes the view clearer to the audience. The dialogue presents Kate as being naïve while Beth is presented as being determined to achieve her goal of luring John Tucker into the plan. The scene shows that the girls are fast approaching their goal of breaking John Tucker’s heart since Kate is also willing to do anything to make the plan work.

There are different types of actors in cinema. They include the following:

a)      Impersonator

Steve Harris has appeared in a series of films due to his abilities to perform the role of being a lawyer. He has made appearances in The Practice.

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b)      Personality

Tyra Banks has appeared in films and has taken slots that require a musician or a hoist in a talk show because that is what she does in real life. She made appearances in Gossip Girl.

c)      Star

Usher Raymond is an actor who would be classified as a star. This is because the choice to have him in cinema is greatly attributed to his success in music. Moreover, he is famous. He has made appearances in Soul Food and Killers.

d)      Wild Card

Nicolas Cage has appeared in many films because of his capability to execute wild stance in his role. He has made appearances in Face Off.

e)      Character

Eva Longoria assumes the role of the young model who eventually gets married because she is has been a model for a long time. She has taken this role in Desperate Housewives.

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