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The author of this essay expounds on the challenges faced by slaves in the United States in the pre-colonial times. The plight of the slaves in all dimensions of life prompted the author to highlight some of the challenges he personally experienced. It is a story that is meant to give a picture how life was for the slaves in pre-historic America. He shows how slaves were treated in an inhuman way and how they had to struggle to make progress in their lives. The essay shows cruelty of the whites and indecency of American culture of those days. The author successfully describes a particular topic of interest that presents a bigger picture of it all in pre-historic America.

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A number of characters, as listed by the author, contributed significantly to his perception of life and the choices he made. For one, his mistress was initially a good person who was willing to teach him to read and write. This made him encounter something strange he had never imagined. All the same, he was able to pick up few lessons on how to read and write from her. However, his mistress’s commitment to help him learn reading and writing faded away as directed by her husband. This magnifies how deeply slavery was rooted in the society and that it could easily sprout and merge again.

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The author has an interesting turn out of events in his life as he endeavors to make ends meet. Due to the life pressures and state of affairs in the society, he has chosen to be a slave for life. This is not based on the choice but just because there is nothing he can do about it. Unbelievably, but he points out that slavery and education were two things that could not add up together, especially for a slave.

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The author meets two Irishmen to whose advice, being based on his previous experience and information he had, he did not trust. The author is very much aware that it could be a trick for the whites to promise to their friends to turn against him after he follows their advice. At this point the author seems to hate the whites even more because he believes they have not changed and are still committed to suppressing people of his kind. All the while, the author is still committed to learning how to read and write. He uses his little master Thomas’s copy-book to advance his learning.

This essay draws so much emotional feelings towards the author. This piece of writing presents bitter acts of slavery which are evident through the life of one slave who goes through tough situations and learns the hard way. It is an unpleasant situation to many slaves as presented in the essay. There is so much than they can bear. They do not consider themselves as human beings anymore. The author has been forced to take a position which is really disturbing. This is great essay that highlights very important subject in history. It effectively shows the plight of slaves in the pre-historic America.


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