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Breakfast is the first meal that an individual takes after rising from a night’s sleep. It is normally taken or eaten early in the morning before undertaking a day’s work. Breakfast varies widely in the different parts of the world. The most common components of a breakfast include grains, vegetables, proteins such as meat or fish and fruits. Research has shown that breakfast is an essential meal and that people who miss their breakfast are excessively likely to have problems with concentration, weight and metabolism.

Personally, I take breakfast as the most critical meal. In fact, it is my favorite meal. I consider it the best meal because it can provide me with sufficient nutrition in the morning and allow me to have a strong spirit of the day. My biggest consideration in the type of breakfast I have is the nutritional value, color, smell and taste.

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 Last week my family had a breakfast eating out at my favorite restaurant. I had always suggested to my mother to one day take me here for a meal. I had insisted on this for nearly five months. I woke up this morning, at around seven o’clock, after a serene night’s nap in my calm, comfy bed with my purple cotton sheets swathed around me. My alarm was still ringing with the relaxing sound of Mitchell playing his acoustic guitar. My dear mother came into my room and whispered to my ear that we were going to have our breakfast at Rivenee’s. Mum told me that my dad was flying out of the country and that he wanted us to have a breakfast eating out at my favorite   

This restaurant appeared to be so fascinating and magical to me, since I was an elementary school kid, and surprisingly, this restaurant still fascinates me today. I was surprised to realize that the restaurant is still run by the same family that used to run it several years ago.

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My favorite breakfast food is cold cereal. As usual, I ordered my favorite breakfast served with a sweet smell which includes a combination of hazelnut crust, ripe raspberries and a gingery sweetness of wild flowers. I love frosted corn flakes. They consist of crushed corn flour, sugar, corn syrup and calcium carbonate, trisodium phosphate and tocopherol as preservatives. A cereal for breakfast provides me with fiber which helps in digestion. My breakfast menu also contains a glass of milk and honey. Milk is essential in providing the much needed calcium in the body to assist in bone formation and prevent fractures. Honey provides me with calories.

For my breakfast, I also like having hot cereals. Although hot cereals are not appropriate like cold cereals, they are healthy and nutritious food that helps me reduce the amount of cholesterol. Something else I like to have in my breakfast is the greasy food. These foods contain a lot of nutrients. Greasy foods can replenish the nutrition with lots of calories. I love bacon because it contains less fat.  Fruits and vegetables also form part of my breakfast. Spinach has certain carotenoids that help in protecting and delaying the onset of degenerative diseases. They also add some pleasant smell to my breakfast. Apart from the vitamins contained in an orange, its smell in my breakfast helps improve my appetite.


It is evident that breakfast is a crucial meal and should not be skipped at any cost. When having breakfast, it is beneficial to include foods from at least three of the four food groups. When they are combined in a single meal, they should make up about one quarter to one third of someone’s total nutrients.

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