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In the article “A linguist’s vision for multicultural Australia”, the author, Michael Clyne criticizes the Rudd’s government policy towards multiculturalism in Australia and states that the policy prevents different ethnic and multicultural groups from contributing their cultural background, skills, knowledge to the nation’s development. I agree with the author that multiculturalism brings great benefits and enriches social, economic, political and others spheres of the whole society.

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The author, analyzing the policy of the Howard and the Rudd government, criticizes their unwillingness to admit Australian multicultural diversity. The Rudd government pays no attention to such issues as multiculturalism, often avoiding and belittling the importance of cultural diversity in the country’s development. Clyne ironically points out that for a member of multicultural society the chance “to be covered on the agenda” in the social inclusion policy is only when they happen to be “poor, unemployed or homeless”. Otherwise no policy exists to implement cultural diversity into development of Australian society. Here we see the emphases on the importance of giving each individual equal opportunity for professional, social and cultural development.

Clyne gives three reasons to make cultural inclusion a part of the social inclusion policy:

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- It’s important to respect linguistic or religious minorities in order to enable them to use their knowledge, skills and experience in society.

-  Multiculturalism is a demographic reality and is essential for a healthy society.

-  Past Australian policies of multiculturalism have been based on equality and the same rights for everyone to express their culture and beliefs.

The author sees multiculturalism as an integral characteristic of Australian society and emphasizes on the advantages that bicultural and bilingual people bring into society, giving examples of creativity that bilinguals have.

Using this article Michael Clyne invokes the government to see the potential that multiculturalism brings and encourages to implement the culture inclusion policy into real life.

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