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One sad reality that is happening today are the problems concerning family relationships. Babies are aborted; their parents are leaving children; and parents/couples get divorced. The latter problem is addressed in the movie Fireproof, written by Alex and Stephen Kendrick, and directed by Alex Kendrick.

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The story is about a firefighter, named Caleb, who is engaged to a woman, named Catherine. They are about to marry in just a few weeks to come, when there comes a point of time that they have an argument at night. The argument did not end so well; the couple decided to end up their relationship; Catherine is about to go to her lawyer for a legal process of divorce; and Caleb is ready to sign those papers. But as the story went on, Caleb’s father requested him to follow a diary of things that he should do to his wife; things that would help him save their marriage – so he did it. At the climax of the film, it showed that the process is not working at all; Caleb is about to give up. But John, his father, brought Caleb to a special place, where John told him what really mattered most – his faith and relationship with God. The film points out to the audience this is one major thing. Though Caleb insisted that he should not give love that his wife does not deserve, John explained to Caleb that it is the same love God has upon mankind (Buchanan, “Fireproof”). This has changed Caleb’s life and his perspective regarding the beauty of marriage.

Of course, the movie ended very well. Caleb’s effort to take back the heart of his wife for marriage was not in vain; Catherine once again put her engagement ring on her finger, went to the office of Caleb, and asked him for marriage. This film can be considered a life-changing movie; everyone should watch it. The people divorce as they do not see that real beauty of marriage and that it is a God-given thing to humankind. This movie will be very helpful (Yates, “Fireproof Movie Review”); it will strengthen marriages and build solid family relationships.

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