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The theme of “Brassed  Off”, a British movie revolves around the problems faced by a music band. Certain parts of the movie make reflections to the significant increase in the number of suicides that occurred due to the coal industry being shut in Britain and the continuous efforts to maintain hope in such dire conditions. The movie depicts how people suffered after the decline of the coal industry.

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In the movie, “Gloria” comes back to her hometown in order to calculate the profit earned by the British coal; in this process she joined the music band “Brass”. The band had no female member and they let her in because she could amazingly play the flugelhorn. Whenever she played the flugelhorn for the band, the music became diegetic, the audience can hear the instruments that the band is playing and know where it is coming from. However, when the scene is changed by the director, a factory is shown where some angry individuals are having a meeting, and though we cannot see the band playing the music but it can be heard in the background. Hence, in this particular scene the music becomes non-diegetic as it is not anymore in the world of the film. Though the audience knows that the band is playing the music but they cannot be seen in the factory scene.

The band’s leader “Danny, was having a hard time keeping the band together; even in his personal life things were not so good for him.” Phil”, his son was in debt and he worked as a clown in order to pay off this debt but remained unsuccessful in his efforts. Ultimately, he lost everything, his wife, his children both; this made him collapse in the street as he was suffering from illness as well. Danny gets hospitalized and while he was being treated the band decided to perform their last show in order to thank him for every little thing that he did for the band. This also serves as an example of diegetic sound in the movie “Brassed Off”.

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