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The movie Freakonomics has brought out much inspirations and teachings to the people. It focuses on the various topics which revolve around economics and charted information. The baseline of the film tries to expound on various reasons for certain topics, where people suppose things are linked to rather something else although it twists out not becoming the case.

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The film argues that the validity about a person’s name and whether he/she is judged with regard to their names, as well as finding if one’s life was set up early on as a result of what their parents named them. For instance, a young girl was named following the Tempest Bledsoe of COSBY reputation and since her mother could not spell the phrase correctly, it resulted in a name Temptress. Apparently, it was found that the environment she lived in influenced her life to a great extend; the name did not influence it that much. The selection of person's name and seemingly to what extent it influences everything from one’s occupation approval to position in society is highly discussed and results in different views which clearly reveal the discord between someone’s characters or rather life to their names. Thus people’s lives are more influenced by their surroundings rather than their names. If someone grows in an environment which is full of crimes there is a high likelihood that he/she will turn out to copy such behaviors.

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Cheating and corruption are vices which are becoming quite rampant in the society and they are taking away our morals and invading regions which are built around religious believes. For instance, the film focuses on sumo wrestlers found in Japan where issues rise regarding corruption deeds emerging in the sport, whereas it is build around honor and religion. It is even possible to predict the match results and this change from respect to corruptibility is entirely blamed on the fight for power and people entering the sport without the traditional spirit of it.

Incentives are discussed together with the expected outcome which emanates from them. From now and then we hear about match fixing in sports as well as corruption allegations in the government and the society. In the film, a group of learners was offered the incentive to perform well in school through being guaranteed $50 every time their score cards show upgrading and a several other objects like attendance. Those students who perform distinctively well become certified for a $500 check by the end of the year and also a stretch ride in a limo. This issue brings out mixed feelings on the basis of being against some people’s moral beliefs as it is termed as wrong to literally pay children for grades, as it eradicates their inherent motivation. Also others observe that at least there is a reason behind giving kids cash incentives since it would be a helpful tool in fixing education and it sometimes help in giving students morale to do well in grades.

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A more compelling issue which is raised in the film is the reported fall in crime rates in the 1980s. One realizes the unworthiness of corporations and politicians in their claims on how they made crime rate go down as well as citing the increment in law enforcers on the city streets as the major reason. However, the police argument on the reduction of crime rate seemed weak, as actually there were complex forces that made people change their behaviors rather than which allowed people to carry out abortion and its demand gave women the power to holdup childbearing till they were capable of taking care of their kids.

Consequently, fewer kids were given birth into households that did not want them, thus less unwanted kids meant fewer citizens who matured up to develop into criminals. Abortion though perceived in the society as against the moral teachings but in this case it is seen to bring positive results.

The movie helps to view the world from a completely different perspective. One definitely would not agree to things at face assessment without looking deeper into the reason why things occur. The documentary is really informative and opens someone’s mind into wide thinking when it comes to personal issues and the community in general.

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