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V for Vendetta was written by Alan Moore cementing the author’s reputation as a comic writer. The book was published in 1990 and is a story about the loss of individuality and freedom in a totalitarian government in England. It portrays resistance and an individual’s power and rants against minorities. The paper will briefly give a review of this book.

V is a former inhabitant of a government concentration camp that consisted of ethnic minorities, gays, lesbians, political opponents and non-Christians were incarcerated. The book manages to parallel with the Nazi Europe with emaciated appearances and inmates with shaven heads, medical experimentation and striped clothing. It shows how fascism has come to Britain and taking the form of the fascism in the past.

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One easily enjoys the reading book as it contains important messages like the Right-Wing, the nuclear weapons and surveillance all that were bad for the people. But again the book seems to have had no time for developing affinity for the characters or enjoying such a great storyline. The preachy tone of the book may also seem to be quite boring. Some people may find that there are very many characters in the book like following the stories of the wives of party apparatchiks which may be a little confusing trying to keep hold of all of them simultaneously especially realizing that most of the characters look alike with very dark illustrations.  

Generally though, the concept of the whole book is a great idea as it’s a tale of ideological good as well as evil. The book is eloquent and beauty enough, a fact stemming from Alan Moore’s writing and the artworks.  The book can therefore be described as fascinating and enjoyable read albeit the oppressive and anarchy themes that leaves a lasting impression in the reader.

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