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The book called Buying a Fishing Rod for My Grandmother by Gao Xingjian communicates the inner feeling of the writer. He uses straightforward and lyrical language in describing the history and life of 1890s. The work is done brilliantly and compelling. Gao has used the story to illustrate that fiction can be used to imitate reality. This can be done by use of language and images. Gao uses literature and paintings to communicate and express the deeper feeling of history. 

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The book produces some clarity that has an irresistible psychological confusion. This is the same for the ink washed theoretical paintings. The work is original, and Gao has tried to specify the place and time of events. This has been used to write a reflection on literature. He has expressed and revealed the brilliant, brutal, and ranging creature of humankind. This has been done powerfully by expressing deep feelings intelligently.

The book is a short story having several impressionist paintings. The stories inside indicate a calm verbal picture of gain and loss, of solitary existence and change. In addition, the consolations of family and love are expressed in the work. The work creates atmosphere and scenes in their storylines. This is indicated by the brief experiences and moments of lives in the stories. Gao believes that stories can be used, as fictions, to create a personal meaning and connections on the meaning of life. This can be on the brief and separate moments of life.

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In “The Temple” Gao has described the impulsive actions of a honeymoon couple. The couple disembarks from a train to survey the decaying hillside temple (Gao 5). The tale goes to show loss and history of life. The life moves on despite the past tragedies that one has experienced. The story indicates the varied history and loss. This is depicted in the second and third stories. The stories in the collection convey the disorientation of change and convey a sense of loss in life.

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The collections create a strong sense of atmosphere and memorable images. The stories are not on Chinese culture or China. This is despite the writer being a Chinese. The stories have no sense of culture. Therefore, they depict what happens around the world. This can describe the inner feelings of Gao in Paris. They can be the expression and status of life in the city. The work gives a universal theme and setting of the world.

In addition, the paintings of Gao Xingjian expresses the same concepts as his literature. For example, the painting titled “Les Marcheurs.” The painting connects to the works in Gao’s books. The painting represents some people walking somewhere. The black strokes and the vertical lumps of ink are affiliated to a shadowy edge of water. This helps to reduce the darkness of the black strokes of ink.  With regard to the space of movement and their distance from the viewer, it cannot be substantiated whether they are human beings or spiritual aspirations. The direction of the people is not what matters. The movement may have been towards the viewer or away. It is also not clear whether they are real figures.  The work is a fiction of language that represents the inner feeling of the painter. In addition, the paintings represent the emotive and individualistic codex.

The inner feelings are expressed by the use of varied textual excellence that is augmented by the painting. The painting shows Gao’s multidisciplinary gifts. In addition, the paint provides an insight of the themes that bind the work of Gao across genres.  The painting offers the explanation for worlds happening (Gao, 3). This is because that is not possible through literature. The painting indicates the aspects of life that underlines the inner and complex world of human beings. The metaphorical and figurative image is abstracted.

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