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Freakonomics is a documentary based on true-life facts as real people are behind it. Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner (New York Times Journalist) deal with secreted side of everything. However, the documentary has been adapted from perhaps one of the best selling non-fiction books. The documentary examines human beings’ conduct by the use of provoking and repeatedly amusing case studies. Some of the important issues highlighted in this documentary include the naming of children and its impacts, cheating in Chicago public schools, drug dealing and negligible effects of good parenting on education among others. This essay expounds the main issues elucidated in Freakonomics.

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Firstly, the documentary highlights clearly the issue of cheating among Chicago schools and the sumo wrestlers from Japan. The documentary indicates that there is always match fixing among the wrestlers in the top league as they know each other. They match fix in favor of their allies in order to become winners. Relatively, cheating is also common with the Chicago schools’ courtesy of data mining as the teachers help their students with multiple choices. Cheating is blamed for corruption (Ewing, Gibney, Gordon, Grady, Jarecki, & Spurlock, 2010).

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Secondly, the effects of abortion ban have been uncovered in the movie too. The documentary indicates that abortion ban has positive results to the economy and the country as a whole. The children born just after the abortion ban were successful both at school and at the market as the urban proficient women were to have abortions before the ban.

Lastly, the patterns of naming children have also been unraveled. In the documentary film, it is pointed out that the naming of a child can be blamed for his/her successes or failures. Additionally, naming of the child should be socioeconomic to avoid giving a child the first comer name.

In conclusion, Freakonomics is an actuality film addressing non-fiction issues in the society. The people behind it were Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. They exposed such matters as cheating among teachers in Chicago and Japanese wrestlers, naming children and its patterns, and the effects of abortion ban among others.

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