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DNA is a fundamental aspect of an individuals’ genetic system. Notably, DNA can play an instrumental role in law enforcement investigation because of its distinct nature.  James (2011) asserts that the US states have been struggling to increase reliance on DNA in law enforcement investigations since the 1980s. It is worth noting that DNA samples are mostly collected among criminals who commit sexual crimes and other significant violent crimes. Therefore, different DNA samples of criminals were collected using the sampling approach. The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Laboratory organized vital groups of scientists with the aim of finding out the manner in which to use DNA in law enforcement investigations. This group of scientists urged the FBI to put in place a national DNA sample that would help in the process of law enforcement within states. Therefore, the FBI has continued relying on DNA samples to establish accurate investigations and to bring the actual criminals to book. The utilization of the national DNA samples collected from criminals was instrumental in ensuring that real criminals were brought to justice in different states around the United States of America. The method of DNA collection remains effective to date as criminals who committed different crimes are effectively brought to justice. The increased use of DNA samples to inveatigate crimes in the United States of America has led to more demand of these samples as states try to eradicate crimes. The Congress has put in place several programs aimed at providing funding to local and states’ governments hence ensuring the backlog of convicted and forensic offenders’ DNA samples. The debates within the Congress pertaining to DNA have ensured an increase in the use of DNA samples in the arrest of criminals in different states around the US. Standards relating to the use of DNA samples are instrumental in ensuring effective administration of justice in the US.

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The article effectively outlines the methodology utilized in the discovery of DNA as a vital aspect of law enforcement in different states of the US. The article reiterates that the sampling technique played an instrumental role in creating DNA samples that became a significant aspect of sexual and other violent crimes investigations in the United States of America. The statement of the methodology is a significant part of the article, because it helps readers understand the entire phenomena under investigation and other issues emanating from it. More so, readers of the article can understand the significance of DNA samples by following the methodology and the manner in which DNA is effective in promoting the success of investigations in different states.  Dutfield (2006) reiterates that through the statement of the methodology relating to DNA samples, the article enables readers to understand that the research conducted was effective and came up with important results to enhance its reliability. The sufficient outline of the methodology utilized also plays an instrumental role in enabling individuals to follow the research conducted and prove the relevance of the research in the lives of individuals.

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It is worth noting that the article effectively outlines the strengths and weaknesses of the research by pointing to the future in-depth researches and establishment of results. The article gives the advantages and the results of the research conducted; it promises individuals more discoveries that are significant in the future. For instance, it asserts that the Congress is instrumentally carrying out debates that would ensure that all individuals could utilize the entire issue of using DNA samples in investigations. More so, the article points to the strengths of the research by asserting that it has been vital in providing effective investigations of sexual and other violent crimes. The statement of weaknesses and strengths of the research conducted is vital as it promotes reliability on the data presented by the article. Therefore, the research can be used for many years in promoting effective investigations in different states across the United States of America.

The article’s introduction and literature review contribute to the understanding of the article by individuals. Notably, the introduction gives a succinct understanding of the components of the article hence enabling readers to understand the issue going to be discussed in the article.  McLelland (1999) states that the initial understanding of the topic under discussion is vital, because it helps individuals move in line with the research. Providing the research data is important as it makes people understand all the significant aspects of the research and its advantages and disadvantages. The understanding of these significant parts of the research ensures that reasonable conclusions are drawn from the research. Literature review part as well as the introduction are instrumental in making readers adequately understand the aim of the research.

The article presents interesting and information pertaining to the research. It does not withhold the key points required by readers; it presents facts in a simple and understandable manner. A lot of information and facts about DNA testing and criminal investigations enables readers to understand the relationship between the different aspects of the research. Thus, the entire research is effective in promoting reliability of the research presented in the article.

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