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Restorative justice is a good approach to justice. This is because the approach lessens the tension between the offenders and the victims. This arises from the fact that it allows a face-to-face interaction between the offenders and the victims. Thus, Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission abounds as an example of restorative justice as it support the tenets of the latter. Restorative justice is important to the Canadian public basing on the history of the country. It is essential as it promotes peace in the country unlike retributive justice, which heightens the tension amongst the Canadian public in reference to the country’s history. Notably, retributive justice advocates for the punishment of offenders in order to restore the dignity of the victims. Research asserts that this will only serve to heighten the tension as the offenders might feel unwanted and stigmatized. Thus, this essay explicates why restorative justice is the best approach to justice.

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CBC News. Alberta solicitor general to fight for restorative justice. Calgary, 2 Sep 2011.

This article offers an argument why Chief Justice Allan Wachowich is advocating for the reinstatement of programs dealing with restorative justice. The article reports that the minister is a proponent of the program’s goals, which is why he seeks the leadership candidates to consider restoring money for the restoration programs. The article’s main point is to bring to the fore how restorative justice has flourished in the past in Canada and how lack of funding could utterly affect a program that was making a significant step towards peace in the country. This is why the article mentions Justice Wachowich bewilderment regarding the cutting of funds for restorative programs as he opines that it is an approach that allows victims ownership of the process. This article deals with the problem of funding, which is critical to the restorative justice process as facilitators need to be compensated. This article contributes to my essay through offering some merits regarding restorative justice as the best approach to justice.

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Spuy, Elrena Van der, Stephan Parmentier and Amanda Dissel. Restorative Justice:Politics,

Policies and Prospects. London: Kluwer, 2007, Print.

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This book explores the politics, policies and prospects of restorative justice as the best approach to justice. From the book, it can be established that for restorative justice to maintain its significance, it is prudent for a country or not to allow more involvement from the prosecutorial authorities and the formal criminal justice system. This utterly defeats the intention of restorative justice. However, according to Spuy, Parmentier and Dissel the formal criminal justice system and prosecutorial authorities should not be banned from conducting their duties especially in instances where offenders do not cooperate with the intention of restorative justice (50). This source is useful regarding the topic of discussion as it abounds ways of how restorative justice should be conducted, which is critical in the Canadian situation. This book will contribute to my essay as it abounds an advantage of restorative justice over retributive justice through examination of how the system can be enacted in a country.

Zernova, Margarita. Restorative Justice:Ideals and Realities. Boston: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd, 2007.

On the other hand, this book advances the merits associated with restorative justice. The book asserts that restorative justice cannot be compared to retributive justice as advocated by opponents of restorative justice. The book clarifies the argument regarding restorative justice despite the fact that it imposes a burden of some sort; it cannot be compared directly to retributive justice, which intends to punish an offender directly. This book addresses the confusion that abounds between restorative justice and retributive justice as some quarters deem the two approaches of justice as advocating for more or less the same thing (punishment). In addition, the book will be critical in my essay as it avails the arguments regarding retributive justice and restorative justice from the as advanced by the supporters of each. A clear contribution to my essay abounds from the fact that the book does not side with either approaches, but only seeks to expound on matters raised from the supporters of each approach.

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