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This is a novel published in the year 2009; it is about love, hope and grief, life and death. The chapters tell about the story of various characters several related to one another while others are not.

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Miro Miro on the wall is a novel that reveals the historic events of the period around 1920s. The book is a fitting come back of Miro to New York from Paris, who despite his passion for the rural life had much regards for Manhattan and referred it as the ‘Pep Hill’. This visit he makes stretches from the ‘Surrealist’ show of 1932 to the time he watches an early video at Lafayette Street in 1965. Miro manifested many of the characteristics related with Robert Rauschenberg engaging an assortment of unstable materials (McCain 2009). The paintings and the sculpture became replaced by the photography, radio, video-audio technology.

Such pieces were bits of studio play that were thrown into this show with familiar painting that are claimed to be fragrant with the artist’s spirituality. Outdated references are filtered through the mind as objects after object throws itself from frontwards on this comprehensive show. This reminds us that Miro was a painter’s painter and more popular in the past than at present.

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The novel employs an unusual literary technique in the two stories by designing more protagonists in the same book. These various protagonists are introduced in each devoted chapter throughout the book casting the conflicting roles with the characters. For instance, the prostitute who becomes judge was obliged to pass judgment to herself.

The themes of the stories are expressed by the essential events that explore the personal effect that each event brings to the lives of the characters (Brook 2006). Some features that are unique to different protagonists are highlighted, e.g. child loss, own struggle suffered by a priest. Some of the storyline passes through the main event and others don’t. The author has managed to point out the dramatic tensions present in the people’s lives whether perched over death defying situations or merely an ordinary life.

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