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Four Months, Three Weeks, Two Days is a film that depicts the reality of a contemporary society, of urban and rural setup (You Tube, 2007). One would wonder whether the Romanian horror movie was the actual truth, or a story told to serve as a warning to other people in the society. Therefore, the essay discusses the Four Months, Three Weeks, Two Days movie based on the premise of a protagonist seeking medical help. The movie is also discussed in the essay is pegged to its position on social relationships, bearing in mind its construction and use of various locations. Furthermore, the discussion will present a clear portrait of the contemporary urban life, because a significant number of such occurrences are in urban centers, compared to the rural setup.


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The setting is Romania and it happened in 2007, barely two years to the date of execution of Nicolae (You Tube, 2007). This was when the Romanian Labor government criminalized abortion, with an aim of increasing birth. In addition, the setting was fierce and horrible, with every sequence filmed brilliantly. The setting of the movie is an urban area, with high-rise buildings and good road infrastructure. Also, it portrays, from the beginning, the social interaction within the urban center in the society. On first meeting with Otilia, Bebe complains that Gabriella and Otilia had misinterpreted the secretive agreements (You Tube, 2007). Here, the presence of Gabriella and Otilia in the same car, driving around the city shows the social relationship between the two people. For example, the major characters are the two female college students, whose social life led to pregnancy.          

Their condition, as student, made them to think of executing an abortion that had a social impact on their life in the society, because, abortion was illegal and attracted a stiff penalty in the country. Abortion could only be done in secret, similar to the current occurrences in the urban centers today. Indeed, most of the secret abortions lead to untimely death of the young mothers in different urban areas as was shown in the video (You Tube, 2007). Also, the setting shows that, the two women were from poor social statues, thereby; inhibiting their learning and social interaction with those from high class.

Certainly, the relation between them and those from high class is exploitative Therefore, the movie educates the youth especially those in the urban areas to be courteous of their actions and be ready to bear the responsibility that comes with their actions. Concerning the relationships, abortion erodes an individual’s reputation and her relationship with colleagues and other members of the society. Notably, in the film, Otilia remains in the car feeling uncomfortable and close to her is a pregnant woman called Gabrita (You Tube, 2007). Indeed, the impact of Gabrita’s actions has caused her a different status and social life. She becomes pregnant from the irresponsible behaviors with men.

As the case in contemporary urban centers, most young ladies would prefer to walk around with men in the town’s social scenes, enjoy drinks, go for dances and spend night out with their boyfriends. Indeed, the consequences of such actions are the unwanted pregnancies that the bearer may not have the ability to take care of. Besides, their companion, who is the male counterpart usually run away from taking responsibility for the pregnancy. Thus, the lady is left to battle with the effect on their own, some even opting to procure an abortion, to escape the responsibility of rearing the babies. Notably, the occurrence is typical and real in most of the urban centers globally.  

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As witnessed in the video, the status threw the ladies to a social disarray and discrimination in the society. Therefore, it encourages morality among the youth in the urban centers. As the conversation intensifies, Bebe moves close to the woman and launch some quarrel at her. In most of the urban canters, people usually launch quarrels that attract the passersby, as in the case of Bebe and Gabrita and Otilia.

Moments later, a loud explosion is heard and no one could tell its meaning and its source, a situation that characterizes most of the contemporary urban centers. Indeed, there are numerous explosive materials that are in the neighborhood and can explode at any time. Other than the explosives, there are gunshots and backfires that occur frequently. Notably, some of the explosions are dangerous, while others are mild.    

The nightmare finally gets over and Monica faces the reality. Indeed, she is seen to express anger at the incident, lamented of the harsh treatment that some men subject the women to.  In a low tone, then complains that suppose she was at that state, may be the worst would have happened. Besides, she ponders whether someone would assist her, if she was in the woman’s situation. She asks several questions that are warranting good response, but, she could not reach a positive response regarding her worries.

Later, Otilia visits the flat where the parents of her boyfriend live. However, she is shocked and not enjoying the place and even the tea party she attended. At the tea party, there is a table that her neighbors and family members are surrounding with some medical men. Here, Otilia seeks medical assistance. Additionally, there is a created an intimate depression of the lady under tight situation within an urban setup. Despite the creation of brilliant scenes, Monica still portrays a gloomy and spiritually devastated face, showing the ideals that surrounds people’s lives within the urban setup.     

Stylistic Devises

According to the film, there are styles that are used in relaying the information, which include zooming and other special effects such as standard coverage and subjective shots are used.

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Notably, the zooming effect in the film involves a brilliant progression shown, in which there is a sanctimonious, self-pitying and pompous manner that Bebe and Otilia initially met (You Tube, 2007). This gives an impression of sadness for the misunderstanding that surrounded Otilia, Bebe and Gabrita’s situation.

The other occasion where the zooming effect is created is during the tea party and the doctor’s consultation for Gabrita’s condition. At the scene, the conceited and jabbering neighbor and family members gathered for an appalling tea party. 

Standard Coverage

Considering the standard coverage of the video, the highest quality standard has been used in shooting the video. Evidently, everything in the scene is covered including the multiple angles such as medium, wide shot, close up among other variables are covered (You Tube, 2007). This makes the video more explicit than the normal video shots. For example, when Otilia made a visit to the residential area, where the parents of her boyfriend lived, the video coverage is wide and engulfs a larger scene. Therefore, the viewers are able to sense that she is shocked and not enjoying the place and the tea party she attended. At the tea party, the whole scene is captured including a table that her neighbors and family members are surrounding, together with the medical men. This shows that the shooting coverage was standard

Subjective Shots

Indeed, the use of subjective shots also widely used. In this kind of shooting, the camera is focused at a given object, during the presentation. After completion, the attention and camera is shifted to the other scene in a pre-designed. It implies that the focus is the subjective narrative without giving attention to the other scenes. The focused shooting enables the viewer to compared the information that that is presented. In the film, for example, when Bebe met Gabriella and Otilia, the camera was focused on the scene without any interruption (You Tube, 2007).  The audience is thus able to intemperate the movie, in terms of content and subsequent occurrence.


In summary, the setting of the video depicts an urban setting that is the center of concentration. In the video, the critical part becomes the eroded social relationship that the two protagonist characters, who are college students, seek medical attention for their condition. Through their irresponsible behavior, pregnancy results, throwing them to a scenario of social desperation, in search of friends and medical help. The video itself does not only serve the interest of the country, but, became significant in educating the youth in the urban centers. It is also relevant to note that the society is stratified according to economic power.

Also, the highlighted consequences of irresponsible sexual actions may disorient the academic achievements that one intends to accomplish. For examples, the two students concentrated a lot in finding solution for the problem (pregnancy), and leaving their class work aside. This kind of scenario impedes the achievement of success in school since the learner cannot engage in active learning, in both the curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Moreover, it is concluded that the use of styles such zooming and other special effects such as shooting standard and subjective shots, makes the video more appealing and drives the message intended. Indeed, the styles are objectively making the video send the message to the people.

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