Free «Middle East Dance and Music» Essay Sample

Q1.  Watch some Videos of Middle Eastern musical and dance performances and review the musical performance to practice your descriptive writing in English?

The dance in the Middle East is referred to as the Belly dance. This dance is categorized into two; choreographed and solo improvisational. The music inspires the whole culture of Middle East. Belly dance music is described to be a specialty. The instruments like tambourine, ney flute and dumbek has an exotic sound which makes the music to be more live and look mosaic.

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Q2. Listen to some examples of Middle Eastern music and try to express in words the way that music makes you feel?

Listening to one of the songs called Uskudar, the songs is a Turkish folk and uses a kanun and a flute. This makes the song to be more live and peppy. Another song that is sung during haunting is called Etana. This song is slow and requires more dancing. The song uses a ney and a drum pulling someone to do some floor works. Another song is that called "migration". This song uses an instrument called Duduk which makes one to feel the envision of the movement.

Q3. The subtitle of the film about Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum is a voice like Egypt. What do;

a) Her relationship to Islamic tradition.

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Umm Kulthum is from Islamic tradition. She was born in Egypt from a very poor family and in Islam, women were not supposed to perform on stage. She was therefore forced to dress like a man so that she can be able to perform on stage. In Islamic traditions, women were neglected and were not allowed to perform some activities.

b) Her role in national politics

Umm was presented in most of the radio stations and in one occasion, she was required to present in an event organized by Abu Dhabi. This pulled a large international interest when she performed her presentation. Her voice became equally important as Nasser. To get a huge audience for any political presentation, there was a need for Umm concert to pull the crowd.

c) Her position as an influential woman teach you about Egypt in the 20th century

Her determination sensitized most women in Egypt to stand out and do what they can do best.

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Q4. a) In the film umm Kulthum: A voice like Egypt, what are some of the statements fans make regarding Umm Kulthum and her music?

As much as she came from a poor family, people came to appreciate her talents later and called her 'Ambassadress of Arabic Arts'.

b) Do we have figure comparable to Umm Kulthum in the west in terms of status and significance in Egyptian and Arabic society?

There are figures that can be compared to Umm including Abu Dhabi.

Q5. Investigate a particular Sufi order such as the jilaniyya, the Suhrawardiyya, the mevleviyya, the Naqshbandiyya, the Tijaniyya or the Sanusiyya. What were the order's origin, practice, geographical range and political importance?

The Sufi order includes; Ach'ariyya, maturidiyya, tahawiyya, jilaniyya and Sanussiyya.

Q6. a) Research traditional Middle Eastern Musical instruments. What are some Persian and Turkish instruments?

Persian and Turkish instruments include; table, tun, sitar, Srishti, ney and tun.

b) What instruments are imported from other parts of the world?

Imported instruments include; baglama and saz.

c) Which one gives rise to European instruments?

Zister is an instrument that gives rise to European instruments.

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