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There has been various violence events that had happened in Palestine as portrayed by the media. some of these violence are The Chechen Islamist and the Intifada, the Israel-Palestine conflict and the settler violence. the three violence stories have appeared in the media in diverse ways. The Chechen Islamist and the Intifada violence took a different course when the violence which apparent was a plane hijack was deemed as to have been caused by a mentally unstable person. Initially, the media had broadcasted speculation that it was a way of attack the Chechen Islamist military attacking the Palestine. The citizens were therefore relieved since they were unaware of what the next attack would be. the tones and the angles of this story was such that it was an unintended crime that happened accidentally due to the mental stability of the plane hijacker.

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The Palestine-Israel conflict is another story that was all over the media. According to the portrayal of this story by the media, the two states had locked horns and would not come to an agreement. Th tone and angle that the portrayal of this violence took was that of each states interests. Every broadcast in each country made  its citizens believe that the other country was on the wrong side and was the one that had led to the conflict. This portrayal therefore made the violence even worse between the Israelite and Palestine.

The killing of four Israeli settler near Hebron was also another story that hit the media for quite an extended period of time. The media when ahead to broadcast the story main headlining as "three years of peace"  (Munayyer, 2). This headline created a lot of criticism both in the Palestine country and beyond. The tone and the angle that this story was portrayed was to ensure the citizens of peace and calm despite the four killings that had taken place. In all the three violence stories described above, the tone and angle of the story was aimed and directed to the citizens so that they could make their decisions from there.

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