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Stephen king looked critically into J.K.Rowling’s Ministry of Magic, which is a fascinating book for children, who became focused in reading the Harry porter’s story. King, however, presented his view that Rowling’s book was not perfect since most of the sections in the books were too long in the narrations. King insisted that Rowling’s article seem to have an awful wandering about before building up thoughts openly to the reader. King expected to express her views in a different manner to make the reader doubtless believe the story.

Rowling use's entertainment as a rhetorical strategy to explain the lifestyle of Harry Potter, which creates a sense of rich and elegant content whereby the reader gets to concentrate more. Entertainment as a rhetorical strategy plays a vital role in ensuring the reader is not bored. Rowling uses creative spells like the Crusoe’s ship that brings out an astonishing level of fantasy. Entertainment sets a scenario whereby, the reader opens up to think critically while analyzing and evaluating the purpose of the story. Entertainment ensures that the reader become captivated by the story; hence increase the level of concentration and interest in reading the story.

Description is another crucial aspect of rhetorical strategy used to create vivid images in the minds of readers. Rowling has used subjective description to keep the readers intense, since she emphasizes on the reader's feelings. Rowling uses words that give a description which illustrates a picture in the reader’s view. King describes how Harry, and his friends get into a tight corner and create a new spell, turns into a slide thus make a child react gleefully. Rowling used description to capture the attention of her readers.

In conclusion, King did not succeed in compelling and convincing other people that Rowling’s book was long. King’s himself comes to acknowledge Rowling as a talented author that had an amusing story to tell and conveyed her ideas without talking down. King’s further on commends Rowling for setting standards in which today’s writers cannot achieve it easily as she uses.


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