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The phenomenon of interest in the article under critiques in this paper is clear and identifiable. The author of the article is after reviewing the literature that is in existence in relation to the minimization of what is known as PICC line occlusions. The author is interested in coming up with various recommendation on how the information collected from this study can be used to address occlusion in adults. In the abstract the author of the article prepares the reader by describing what has been covered in the article. It is clear from the beginning that the article is evaluating the scope of PICC occlusions, as well as their severity, prevalence. Finally it takes into consideration the potential measures that can be used reduce the incidence. From this brief description the phenomenon of interest is clear. The phenomenon from the article can be identified through what the author intends to review in her article. On this part the author makes the article easier to read as the reader is able to understand from the beginning what the article is talking about.

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The author of the article makes it clear the purpose of her article/ research. The purpose of conducting the study is made explicit by the author because the article’s author makes her reason of conducting the study very clear and in simple terms which are understandable by the reader of the article. The purpose of the study is to review the literature that is in existence in relation to the minimization of what is known as PICC line occlusions, where by she intends to understand the scope of PICC occlusions, as well as their severity, prevalence.

 The researcher has clearly indicated how the research on existing literature on the subject under review is significant to nursing. She indicates that if the literature is put into practice, the evidence that is currently available will be useful in supporting the implementation of strategies that are aimed at minimizing the rate of PICC occlusions. Therefore the nurses can apply this literature in their day to day practices as it provides them with knowledge of they can reduce the cases PICC occlusion rates. The explanation given by the author of the article is appropriate and logical in nature. The explanation is based on existing knowledge on the issue of PICC occlusion. Therefore, the author/researcher bases her argument on the evidence that is available and has drawn her conclusion on the usefulness of the study to the nursing from the evidence that she has collected from the various literature materials that are in existence on the subject.

The research methodology that is used by the researcher in this study to collect the data that is required for this study is compatible with the purpose of the study. With an aim of adequately evaluating the evidence that is in existence in relation to the PICC occlusions the author uses two distinct databases to address the purpose of the study. The method applied in this study adequately address the purpose of the study as the author is able to collect adequate literature in relation to the subject of interest on which she is researching on.

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The method of data collection that is used in this article is adequate to address the phenomenon of interest. It author uses literature that is in existence to provide evidence that can be useful in dealing with the problem of PICC occlusion. The data collected fully support the phenomenon of interest.

The sampling method used by the author describes the nature of literature that is used in addressing the issues that are under review in this article. The sample of selecting a certain number of articles that are addresses the issues of PICC occlusion has been used. From this sample it is clear that the author uses purposive sample to decide on what is important for the study. The sampling used is solely aimed at ensuring that the articles that are reviewed adequately addresses the subject of interest. The author focuses her sample on different articles that addresses the issue of PICC occlusion in details.

The information that is chosen by the researcher will adequately address the purpose of the study. The data that is collected is in relation to the PICC occlusion. The author uses the already literature that is in existence. From this literature she is able to investigate the various issues that she interested in relation to PICC occlusion line. The data provides adequate evidence on the issue and the author’s conclusion can be said to be rational because they are based on evidence that is already in existence. The source of data for this article has yielded the needed information that is useful to the author in addressing the phenomenon of interest. Though it has not adequately addressed the issues of the study because the author do recommend for further studies on certain issues that that are related to subject of the study.

The data collection is focused on human experience in this article. The author uses literature from distinguished professionals in the field of medicine. The aim of the author basing her data collection on human experience in terms of the experience of the author of an article, professional experience and skills helps the author to adequately address the issues related to the PICC occlusion.

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The search strategy was clearly defined by the researcher. The researcher uses current research that is in the area of PICC occlusion where she uses two databases that is CINAHL and PubMed. For an article to be included in the research as sources of data it must focus primarily on adults as the results of the study will be useful in addressing the issues arising among the adult population. The prevention of what is known as the catheter occlusion should be the outcome variable in the probable article. Catheter should be a PICC line and the article to be used should be electronically available and be available in English version. This search strategy is useful as it helps the author of the article to limit herself to those articles that addresses the subject of interest in her research.

The article adequately addresses the issue of human right by ensuring that that all the intellectual properties right of the articles that have been used in the study are protected. The procedures for collecting data are explicit. They clearly define what kind of sources of data to be used as well as the type of the data that is targeted. Therefore its clear that the author of the article has used explicit procedures of collecting data with an aim of making the data collection easier and understandable.

The author of the article under the critique adequately describes the strategies that are used in her study to analyze the data that has been collected. The author uses scientific method of data analysis whereby she uses the scientific credibility rating to rate the importance of data that is collected from each article. The author of the article has remain true to the data collected as she draws her conclusion and arguments in relation to the subject of the study from the data that is collected from the various articles that are used in this study. The researcher has adequately addressed the issue of data credibility because she ensures that the authors of the various articles that have been used in this study recognize the outcomes of this research as theirs.

The findings of the study are presented within the context of the data that is collected from the various articles. The author focuses her study in addressing the PICC occlusion in adults and she draws all the evidence that is related to the issues of occlusions in adults. The findings of the article are true to the data that is used in the study as there is a close relationship between the data that is used for the study and the conclusions that a drawn.

The conclusions, implications as well as the recommendation from the article give the reader a context in which the information that has been collected can be used. In this article the author recommends the usage of the findings in addressing a certain form of occlusion in adults. The findings of the study can also be used in various nursing fields in addressing various health problems that are related to the PICC line occlusion. The conclusion of this article is a clear reflection of the findings of data that is collected from the various articles.

In conclusion the findings of this article are very significant to the field of nursing be cause it clearly give guidelines in areas where further research should be conducted in relation to PICC line occlusions. It also gives guidelines on how the evidence collected from various literatures can be used in addressing the problem of PICC line occlusion. This study is valuable to the field of nursing as it provides a ground for further studies in relation to the subject of occlusion in other groups of people a part from the adults.

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