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The first article, “German debate ignores need for educated immigrants”, discusses the contradicting standpoints of the government officials and the public regarding the issue of immigration. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, tries to persuade people to become more liberal when it comes to embracing the presence of immigrants in their country. The government officials are aware that the presence of immigrants has been beneficial to their economy. The immigration of people from Europe, Africa, and Turkey started more than five decades ago. However, talks about laws and policies surrounding their naturalization have become more stringent through the years. The immigrants’ need for social integration and reform was heard in the early 90s.. Nevertheless, the attempts to meet this requirement was made much later.

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Germany greatly benefits from the presence of well-educated immigrants, which is reflected in its economic data..The country needs these people to strengthen its workforce through filling up various positions with qualified professionals who mostly happen to be immigrants. To attract more immigrants, Germany should create reasonable and fair immigration laws ..

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The second article, “The Immigration Debate: Effect on economy depends on viewpoint”, reveals the impact of immigrants on the United States economy. Different economic aspects are discussed such as GDP, standard wages, job creation, prices of commodities and taxes. Economic experts refer to several studies to support their statements. The government’s inability to control undocumented immigration resulted in the rise of illegal aliens. Immigrants – whether legal or illegal – have had only slight impact on the employment prospects of longtime United States citizens. Immigrants get jobs, unpopular with many residents, which employers find difficult to fill. The impact of immigrants in the US is not considerable.

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We can see that the second article presents a different look at the problem of illegal immigration, as compared with that of the first article. Germany’s economy benefits from the presence of immigrants, because most of them are well-educated. In the United States, immigrants most likely get low-paid jobs, since they are willing just to take any job to escape from poverty in their native land. Although there is no considerable economic impact of immigration in the USA, cultural integration remains a greater challenge.

The authors of the both articles have managed to prove their main points of view on the given question. We can feel that Peter Seidel defends the right of German immigrants to respect, and supports the idea of developing fair relevant regulative basis. In her article, Carolyn Said presents different opinions and then leads to the conclusion that immigrants do not influence the economic state of the country much, and the problem itself is rather overblown.  

The arguments expressed by  P. Seidel  are close to my position. The articles read have strengthened my conviction that, regardless of the economic effect, the rights of immigrants should always be respected. A program of social integration for aliens ought to be developed as both, immigrants and permanent residents, add to the benefits of the country.

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