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Asia Pacific Review (2002). Globalization and the Growth in Free Trade Agreements. Retrieved

May 13, 2010 from,

This article provides an overview of the different forms of regional trade agreements. It also shows and analyzes the growing trend of regionalism in the early 90s. The impacts of free trade agreement on economy are described in the article which also includes the static and dynamic effects. The case study of Japanese economy in relation to free trade agreements is also been discussed in it. Moreover, the article describes the importance of free trade agreements for the global economies. My research paper includes the various forms of free trade agreements which have been provided in the above mentioned article. This article was also helpful in understanding different aspects of free trade agreements.  It is a source of high standard. Asia Pacific Review is the journal of the Institute of International Policy Studies (IIPS). This journal analyzes various issues related to economy, global politics, energy, security and environment, particularly in the context of Asia Pacific Region.

Bhagwati N.J. (2001). International Trade: Selected Readings. U.S.: MIT Press

The book provides the detail analysis of various mobility factors with respect to free trade. This information has been utilized by me in writing my research paper.   The book also includes the survey of the development of customs union theory which provides empirical evidence with respect to the advantages obtained from the formation of European Economic Union. It is a good source for providing theoretical background for international business. Jagdish Bhagwati is University Professor at Columbia University and External Advisor to the Director General, World Trade Organization and Senior Fellow for International Economics with the Council on Foreign Relations. He was named Distinguished Fellow of the American Economic Association in 2003.      

Bhagwati N.J., Panagariya A., and Sirinivasan N.T. (1998). Lectures on International

Trade. United States: MIT Press

The book explains the pure theory of international trade which includes the theory of comparative advantage. The Country who posses either the absolute advantage or the comparative advantage in a particular product should better produce and export that product. The rest of the products with no comparative advantage or absolute advantage should not be manufactured locally and thus, better be traded in from the other Countries who have the comparative advantage or the absolute advantage for those products.  It is a good source for providing theoretical background for international business. Jagdish Bhagwati is University Professor at Columbia University and External Advisor to the Director General, World Trade Organization and Senior Fellow for International Economics with the Council on Foreign Relations. He was named Distinguished Fellow of the American Economic Association in 2003.

BIS (2006). Quarterly Review. Bank for International Settlements.

This article provides the statistical data for the indicators which illustrate the level of globalization of products, capital and even people. The statistics provided in this article have been cited in another article published by International Monetary Fund Staff with the title ‘Globalization: A Brief Overview’ which is used as the source in my research paper. The reference with annotation for the IMF’s article has also been provided below. This is a high standard source. The BIS Quarterly Review is the regular quarterly publication of Bank for International |Settlements which is published in March, June, September and December. Since 1974, this quarterly review is providing information on quarterly BIS international banking statistics and developments in the global financial markets. 

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Boudreaux J. Donald (2004). Does Increased International Mobility of Factors of Production

Weaken the Case for Free Trade?. Cato Journal, 23, (3) 373-379. Retrieved May13, 2010


This article explains the impact of mobility of factors of production on free trade. The writer argues that if the factors of production are allowed to relocate to the destination Country where they feel like more productive then not all the trading Countries will get their free and fair share of benefit as only that Country will gain from this migration where the factors of production are moving to and the Country from where these factors are migrating will suffer. The example of America’s capital moving to India, Malaysia Mexico and other Countries, mentioned in the above source has been cited in my research paper. Also, the conditions for the increase in the size of the capital stock have been borrowed from the above mentioned source. This source is from the Cato Journal which is indeed holds a very authentic and reliable position. Boudreaux J. Donald is the chairman of the economics department at George Mason University from 2001 till 2009. The above article is written by him for Cato Journal which is the official academic journal of the Cato Institute, issuing articles related to politics and economy.    

Chomo V. Grace (2002). Free Trade Agreements Between Developing and Industrialized

Countries: Comparing The US-Jordan FTA With Mexico’s Experience Under NAFTA.

Office of Economics of the U.S. International Trade Commission, 332, 1-37. Retrieved   

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May 14, 2010 from,

This is a very credible source from the office of Economics of the U.S. International Trade Commission. The above mentioned research paper which I used as a reference studies the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which has been implemented amongst the United States, Canada and Mexico. This agreement is used as to provide the empirical evidence for rejecting the general perception that free trading amongst developing Countries and developed Countries decreases the economic development in under developed Countries. Chomo V. Grace is associated with the office of economics, U.S. International Trade Commission. The research papers (like the one stated above) by USITC are meant to promote exchange of information on international trade between USITC staff and the recognized experts outside the USITC.      

IMF Staff (2008). Globalization: A Brief Overview. Retrieved May 14, 2010 from,

This article is by the International Monetary Fund Staff that is a source of a very high standard. A paragraph providing the statistics for the indicators of globalization has been paraphrased in my research paper. These statistics were helpful in analyzing the fact that free trade agreements were helpful in increasing globalization. This article is also provided as a separate document file with the name ‘article.doc’ which contains the highlighted paragraph which I have paraphrased in my research paper. International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an international body comprising of 186 countries. It was formed to provide international monetary help, financial stability, employment, international trade, economic growth around the world.

Nelson A.C. (2000). Import/Export: how to get started in international trade.

United States: McGraw-Hill Professional

This book covers all the required theoretical information on international trade. It provides a good literature review on the cost, benefits and issues associated with international trading.  I have utilized this knowledge in writing my research paper. Dr. Carl A. Nelson is the former Navy Captain who turned in to successful international trade professor.

Schumer, C., and Roberts, P. C. (2004, January 6) “Second Thoughts on Free Trade.” New York  

Times, pp. A23

This article is from the New York Times which is also a highly regarded source. The article explains that the relocation of the factors of mobility causes the comparative advantage to be acquired by the destination Country since the comparative advantage of a product moves with the factors of production for that product. Thus, the basic concept of mutual benefits for the trading partners gained through the imposition of free trade is diminished. This way only a few Countries are able to progress through International Trading leaving the rest far behind. The New York Times is a well reputed daily newspaper since 1851 published in New York City, America.

Weeks V. Robert (2006). International Trade Issues. New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

This book provides authentic information on free trade agreements like North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and trade unions such as European Union. It deals with the issues associated with international trade and discusses possible solutions for theses issues. Robert V. Weeks is the editor to the Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

World Bank Group (2010). Globalization and International Trade. Retrieved May 13, 2010 from

This is a highly credible source from where I have borrowed the bar chart of the annual growth rates of GNP and exports of goods and services, 1965-1996. This data was very useful in writing this research paper. It proved the enormous increase in globalization in the past which is continuing till date. The World Bank provides technical and financial assistance to the developing Countries of the world.  

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