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This is a report about the state of security according to the perspective of the Middle East at the present period and encompasses other regional areas as well as the global state. The first section details a short statement of the report in brief mentioning human security at the global as well as the regional levels. There are seven dimensions of threat, which goes on to specify other seven similar building blocks of Arab human security according to the (United Nations Development Programme, 2009). The first chapter of the report goes into detail of the Arab concept of security. The reason for the topic is the large percentage of those affected on a global scale.

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This section also outlines the global perception of human security as well its relationship to other concepts of the human condition including living conditions. This could also be financial situations in the troubled areas and its effects such as low levels of education available. The chapter concludes with the fact that human security has particular relevance to Arab countries. This has been an excuse to invade and occupy some countries in the Middle East on that premise. The second chapter involves the environmental impacts that could come about. The relationship between human security and environmental resources involving their sustainability is of great importance.

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The population pressure is a major threat in the area because of a main issue and the other accompanying effects. The UN predicts the area of the Middle East will probably be home to almost 400 million people. This is staggering especially, when considering they will inhabit an area where water and arable land are quickly growing scarce. This will put intense pressure on the carrying capacity of the land where they inhabit. Human security will become a huge issue at the point of overpopulation.

This is an area known for its hostile political climate. Therefore, it is quite sensitive to any out breaking issues. The worst things can happen when people are congested in a tense environment that is politically unstable with ethnic and clan divisions. In this way, violence may erupt and thus descend into a war. The thing about conflicts in the Middle East is that they never stop once they start. At the very least, even the ones long dead can ignite given the right conditions, hence the huge responsibilities of their governments.

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Chapter 3 deals with the role of the state in the life of the citizenry by upholding their rights and giving them acceptance in their land according to the (United Nations Development Programme, 2009). If the state performs well it is legitimate while in the case, of the Arab states the performance has had mixed results of good and bad. This had to claims for reform that have received interference from the international community. The next chapter involves the victim groups that have no security of their own. The women and the children are the vulnerable. Unfortunately, these two are unseen and fall behind in representation. These need to have adequate representation, which would move to ease population pressures.


The economic state of Arab countries is quite vulnerable because of some issues. The defining point is that people can separate and make their own choices and thus define their destinies. The Arab population has a few vulnerabilities due to their economies. Most of the countries have invested heavily on oil, which has boosted the economy but also left them easy to manipulate by the west. The next chapter has to do with the food security involved in the region. The situation has arisen partly because of the declining productivity in agriculture especially. If the people could reinvest in other areas that include the agricultural sector, there would be major progress made in respect. 

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