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Recycling is the process of collecting products that have reached the end of their uses and reprocessing them or their components to make new products. Recycling is considered to be the third option of acquiring a green world. This is after other two processes of reduced consumption and re-use of goods (Yvonne et al, 2008).

The benefits of recycling dummies include;

Too much garbage

The first importance of recycling dummies is to reduce the amount of garbage which is sent to garbage sites. The amount of garbage has increased tremendously since 1980,s due to increase in population and products consumption. This increase is coupled with increased space demand making it expensive to create more dumping sites. This has made the garbage disposal an expensive exercise (Get stuff, 2009).

 Recycling for dummies hence is viewed as a process that can offer a good solution to the increasing amount of garbage in the towns. It will result to reduced amount of garbage dumped in the garbage sites. This will save our land for other useful activities and the environment will go the green way.


Dumping of garbage causes pollution of land, air and water pollution. The assortment of chemicals and toxics from different types of industrial goods has a great pollution impact to the environment.

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The toxics drain from the garbage and gets into the underground water, they cause huge water pollution in the water cycle which is very harmful to the environment. An example of a toxic waste is mercury which affects the nervous system of people and animals.

The other major pollution is land pollution where after the solid waste has been disposed in a particular piece of land they are no other productive economic activities that can take place in the same place. This shows that recycling is so important in saving our environment from pollution.

Depletion of resources

When new products are manufactured they use the natural resources, this results into a continuous depletion of natural resources which are non renewable. For e ample copper wires uses natural copper which once depleted is non renewable and the manufacture of plastics use fossil fuels which takes very long time to form.

This shows that recycling of dummies helps in saving our natural resources; this secures the lives of our future generations. It also saves the economy the need of importing raw materials for the manufacture of new items in the country (Dummies .com, 2009).

Energy saving

The process of recycling uses less energy as compared to the manufacture of a new product. When a product is made from recycled products the energy which is used in extraction and transportation of raw materials to the industries is saved. The whole process use a considerable less amount of energy as compared to manufacture of new products.

This shows that recycling is one method of solving the energy crisis in the world today. This is very economical because the cost of energy is going up day by day creating energy crisis in many countries economy (Yvonne et al, 2008).

Jobs creation

Recycling employs large number of people in the processes; these are the collection, sorting and the industrial processes in the manufacture of the recycled products. The recycling companies employs a large number of people in the economy, these jobs would not have been created if there was no recycling. This employment contributes to the GDP of the country as well a raising the living standard of people.


The companies who engage in different recycling processes are able to save a lot of money in their budgets. The first saving comes from energy saved such that they use less energy in their processes because the industrial processes are few. There is also the national saving of land from disposal of the garbage

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Various recyclable dummies

Used electronics

Due to the technological advancement in the world many electronics’ equipments are difficult to re-use after several years, this may be due to technological incompatibly. This short shelf life of electronic equipment creates huge losses and is a source of many toxic waste because of the components that’s makes them. The electronics may contain elements like mercury, cadmium, lead and chromium which are very harmful to the environment (Dummies .com, 2009).

There are various processes that have been developed to recycle electronic equipments. These processes use the used electronics to develop new electronic equipment or other industrial good. These processes are environmental friendly and pose less health risk to people. A national center for electronics recycling has been developed to research on different electronics recycling process that can be developed. This will help to solve the problem of E –waste in the country.


 In glass recycling there is significant saving in energy and cost as compared to manufacture of new glass. This is because in glass recycling there is no down cycling. Many beverage companies recollect the used bottles through the reverse logistics they then wash them thoroughly and use them again. There are other glass recyclers who   first sort the glass by color the glass is then grid into small pieces and then molten to make new glass items. The glass which is mostly recycled is from containers and bottles window glasses are too expensive to recycle.


Plastics pose a big problem due their biodegradable nature because of the complex molecular chains. This makes plastics a major environmental polluter. The other reason that makes plastic a problem is that it is cheap to manufacture which makes its recycling not very economical (Get stuff, 2009).

In recycling for plastics the plastic containers are sorted into different color, filtered and then melted into plastic sheets which are used to manufacture new plastic equipments.


The process of recycling steel is easy; it is recycled from scrap steel from vehicles and building materials. There is a requirement in the U.S. that the 25 percent of steel in the country should come from recycled steel.

The steel is first sorted it is melted and molded into huge sheets of steel it is then transported to manufactures to make steel wares.

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Reusing and recycling tires

            Car tires are a big threat to the environment this is because they don’t break down and when they are burnt they release toxics gases into the atmosphere and they can also release toxics and chemicals if dumped in an open space. The major advantage of tires is that they can be recycled into many uses, which includes:

  • The used tires can be retreated and be used a gain in vehicles.
  • They can be recycled into rubber bumpers which are used in boats and children play equipment.
  • They can be used to make rubber granules used in re-carpeting play ground and artificial play ground.
  • Tires can be recycled to manufacture eco-carpet and tires.
  • They are also used in road re-carpeting

      The vehicle owners are advised to buy long lasting tires or buy recycled tires. This will reduce amount of waste from used tires.

Creating composite building materials through recycling

This is achieved by combining recycled materials from different products. They are usually made from recycled plastics and saw dust. The composite lumber manufactured is long lasting and more environment friendly than natural wood. The maintenance of these products is low and they don’t need staining.


There are various types of batteries that are used in electronic gargets. These batteries contain heavy metals and other toxic substances. Most battery manufacturing companies have come up with programs that recycle the old components in these batteries to manufacture new batteries or other products from the old batteries.


When aluminum cans are recycled they save about 95% of the energy used in manufacture of aluminum from its natural sources. The recycled containers are chopped and heated to remove the paint. The pieces are then melted and mixed; the molten aluminum is then rolled into flat sheets ready to manufacture new cans. This process saves the government a lot of resources that would have been wasted in manufacturing new aluminum cans.

Recycling centers

The recycling programs in the world take four types

Curbside pickup

These are special designed trucks with different compartment for different recyclable materials. They drive around the city like garbage waste trucks. The workers do the initial sorting and the materials are thrown into the trucks. In some towns the home owners are required to sort the materials themselves. These materials are then transported to the recycling centers for recycling process to take place.

Drop-off centers

This is a program were a collection center is set in a central place to accept recyclable materials. Households then transport materials themselves to these centers.

Buy- back centers

This is a center which buys recyclable materials from home owners. These are found as part of retail centre such as scrap yard.

Deposit /refund programs

This is the program mostly used by the beverage companies; a deposit is added in the sale price so that when you return the bottle you can get the refund of the deposit.

Some times the residents are fined if they don’t recycle recyclable items. Other town put registration in place for companies to recycle their waste products.

Criticism of recycling dummies

 Increase in environmental pollution

Critics claim that recycling of old products causes pollution and uses energy. This may be true in some forms of recycling which release very toxic gases during recycling. Nevertheless there are many types of recycling processes that release less pollutant as compared to disposal of these products.

No garbage problem

Some people argue that there is no garbage crisis and there is still more space available for garbage disposal

False sense of security

This is the perception in people that recycling is praying a great role in environmental conservation. This sense of security hinders people from seeing more serious threats causing environmental pollution.

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