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Christianity has undergone through a dramatic process of transformation from an inefficient and maltreated community of believers to a hierarchical structure. The church has developed over the past seven centuries, thus changing the social, economic, and the post-Roman political scene of Europe. The growth of Catholic Church has directly affected all aspects of late antique and early medieval life. Particularly, it has profoundly influenced the politics as well as the relationship between church and kings. Both Byzantine and Roman emperors faced rejection, and this led to utilization of spiritual supremacy over Europe of post-Roman period. Christianity became more organized and began to spread across the entire Europe.

According to Jackson (439), through Christianity, the Western Roman Empire collapsed slowly and got in the hands of kingdoms that regarded themselves as “Roman” and kept their conventional Roman tradition. Their political and social structures were different as well as the ways of concurring Western Europe. Under the kings of Germany, Christianity has thrived and propagated the power of church in Western Europe. For instance, in AD508, Clovis of the Franks converted to Christianity together with his warriors. In the sixth century, the transformation of Ireland began. Through Christianity, the bishops and the Germanic kings became the dominant source of continuity (Jackson 136).

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Christianity was a crucial tool in increasing and tightening the political power of the Germanic kings; this became achievable through the notion that God is capable of assisting Christian rulers to govern successfully over their kingdoms and win the battles. In fact, close ties between the church and the kings was not the only factor that led to establishment of the church. Most Irish people accepted Christianity with a big pleasure. Those people who underwent through the process of change also began to change Christian liturgy. The Irish established a new form of Christianity, sending missionaries across Europe to spread their brand of Christianity. Through Christianity, the political setting of Western Europe changed drastically (Jackson 247).

In conclusion, through the first millennium, Christianity had transformed tremendously, changing the political structure of Europe. The subsequent failure of Roman Empire led to the rise of more progressive and assertive church.

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