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In this chapter the results and discussion of the survey will be presented. As it was necessary to find out not only the reasons of becoming a “boyah”, but also the opinion of the female members of the society on this phenomenon it is essential to analyze the interviews according to two separate groups. The two groups whose answers on the open-ended questions about “boyah” will be analyzed are the representatives of “boyah”, and the female observers.

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After the analysis of the first group consisting of two persons we see that both “boyah” representatives feel very normal and quite comfortable wearing male clothes and consider such choice confirming their personalities. Therefore, 100% of questioned “boyah” representatives regard being a “boyah” as the permanent lifestyle, not some phase of life. Speaking about the reasons of becoming a “boyah” it is important to recollect that according to the ideas of scientists and journalists these could be hormonal and biological causes or familial factors. The reasons, which were mentioned by “boyah” representatives themselves, were as follows: having no mother and father which made a person take a lot of responsibilities and obligations in a very young age, having several brothers and being treated as a boy since childhood, the sexual orientation, which means being interested in girls.

Having analyzed the other four interviews of the female representatives and their thoughts on the “boyah” movement, it was found out that they mostly believe that the movement is increasing. The “boyish girls” are copying each other and influence the younger generation. Answering the question about feeling comfortable around “boyat” only 25% of the questioned answered they do, but still they mention that they can not feel “completely comfortable” as if a “boyah would harass” the questioned girl would back off. The other 75% consider the “boyah” to act in a strange way and confess that they do not feel comfortable around them. The answers on the questions about the necessity to take some actions against representatives showed that only 25% of questioned observers consider “boyats” to be “human being who should be accepted as they are”. The other 75% believe t hat the government should take measures and rules to make the “boyah” movement stop. If regarding the questions about feeling comfortable among the “boyah” representatives and about the necessity to stop this movement as reflecting negative and positive attitude towards the “boyah” representatives it is possible to state that 75% of female observers aged from 18 to 23 from United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi have negative attitude towards the movement, and only 25 % have relatively positive attitude influenced by their loyal views on others and having no right to judge.

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