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There has been criticism on various texts by authors. People read the texts and mention so many errors. Some of them add to the works saying that the author should have done this or the other. It is not always good to criticize. Alexander Pope says in the start of the poem that adverse criticism does greater harm than poor writing. Pope states that those  move easiest who have learned to dance (362–363).  This implies that poetry is an art that people learn. They do not have it at birth. Through experience and practice, many people become excellent poets. This paper examines some of the artistic works by various authors. It depicts skills that these authors had in presenting their work.

In the play King Lear, The words "nature," "natural" and "unnatural" are quite prevalent. We see them more than forty times in the play. The play sends its message clearly. Lear dramatizes the current meaning of nature. The play depicts two contrasting views of Nature. One is that of the Lear party which depicts philosophy of Bacon and Hooker. Another one is that of the Edmund party which is similar to the views that Hobbes formulated. The modern audience can identify the rationality of the Edmund party. However, the Edmund party is one that carries a lot of rationality. The play emphasizes so much about feeling.

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The play depicts two societies. Edmund represents the new man. This man is in a world full of competition, suspicion and where people are in search of glory. This contrasts the older society sharply. King Lear is a metaphor. The older society believes in cooperation, decency as well as prudence. The old society feels the effect of Machiavellian. However, a vision that the king’s rejected daughter drafts regenerates this older society. Edmund is clear in stating that the society exists for man and not man existing for the society. The play is full of symbolism. For instance, Cordelia represents love and a community.

The writer of the play uses a mix of figures style to communicate his message. For instance, he uses Cordelia to represent love and value of togetherness in a community. For this reason, the play is excellent. It also touches on themes such as love and communism. These are things that are current, and which affect the world significantly.

Sir Francis Bacon also presents a list of poems that we can analyze and connect with Alexander Pope’s Essay. One of the poems is Guiltless Heart. In this poem, Francis presents an upright man who has a guiltless heart. He says that a man with a guiltless heart is free from all dishonest deeds and thoughts of Vanity. Francis says that hopes cannot delude such a man. In this poem, we see skill. We see the author using rhyme as a pattern that brings out musicality in the poem. For instance, the words spent and discontent rhyme words. The words defense and violence also rhyme words.  The writer also uses personification. For instance, when he says that he makes good thoughts his friends shows personification. This shows skill of the author. The theme of the poem is moral values. It is clear that the poet intends to communicate that man should do the right things.

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The other poem by Francis Bacon is Help Lord. The poem is a prayer. The persona is praying to God to help the world. It alludes to people running away to the devils den. The poem also criticizes evil because God detests it. The main theme in the poem is moral values. Again, Bacon communicates that evil is not good. He says, “The lord has said, I will no more forbear, the wicked's kingdom to invade and scour, And set at large the men restrain'd in fear.” Skill is evident in this poem too. The words, proof and behoof, rhyme. This brings musicality in the poem.

In other poems such as Sing a New Song, The life of man and the Interpretation of Nature, the poet shows skill. He develops his theme in a clear manner that the reader can understand. There is a proper use of figures of style such as rhyme, alliteration, symbolism, allusion and metaphors. This brings out a unique taste in the poems.

Jonathan Swift writes in the work, A Modest Proposal that there are many things that affect the world currently. He mentions social problems such as begging and commercial sex as terrorizing the society. He mentions that many infants, whose mothers beg in the streets, end up becoming thieves in life. The poem also criticizes issues of abortion. Swift says that this is tantamount to sacrificing innocent children. The issue of child trafficking also comes out in this work where merchants go to parents to buy children. The essay presents these issues as serious issues that affect the society. It objects to all these social disorders because they only result to problems. He also proposes some solutions to the issues. The writer of this text depicts skill. He articulates his propositions in a striking manner. He alludes to the occurrence of evil in society. He mentions the issue of merchants buying children. He uses numerical figure to express this. I feel that the world is full of suffering. There is a lot of poverty that has continued to strike this world. It deprives people of a meaning for life. Some children cannot attend school because they do not even have a home. The only place they have ever called a home are streets.  Swift covers the themes of evil, poverty, ignorance and poor leadership skillfully. For instance, he mentions the issues of cannibalism where people feed on the flesh of infants without knowledge. This is after evil people traffic children, slaughter them and can their meet for export.  These are the recurring issues that have ruined society for a long time. In this regard, we see that that Swift had engaged in deep thought before writing.

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In the poem, From Paradise Lost by John Milton, the writer talks about the origin of sin in the world. According to the poem, man first disobeyed God after eating the forbidden fruit.  This was in the Garden of Eden. This caused death to the world. It also led man to lose Eden after God drove him out of it. The poet makes a prayer to God. He asks for strength as he communicates the message of God to all generations. The poet is skilled. He incorporates a variety of style. For instance, he fuses allusion where he alludes to the biblical teaching of the Garden of Eden. The author does this in order to create a clear picture of his reference. By mentioning Eden, the poet clearly brings out his message. Eden is a land that many people. Preferable Christians know about. The pot also incorporates assonance, consonance and alliteration in his work. The letters p n prefer, and pure depict consonance. The theme of the poem is clear. Christianity is one of them. The bible is the main focus of the author. He alludes to biblical teachings. He also makes a prayer that he wishes he had the strength to speak God’s word to all generations. According to the command that Jesus gives to his disciples before he ascended to heaven, he wanted them to spread the word of God to all generations. This poem bases on Christianity.

The work, Gulliver’s Travels takes the reader through a series of voyages that Gulliver undertakes. He undertakes a voyage to Lilliput. He also undertakes a voyage to Brobdingnag and finally to Laputa, Balnibarbi, Luggnagg, Glubbdubdrib, and Japan and finally to A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms. Each of the voyages marks different experiences for Gulliver. The book explores the standing of the European government. It also explores into whether men are inherently corrupt. Moreover, Gulliver explores possibilities of the existence of good people in an evil society. The existence of corruption is evident in this work. In a nutshell, the writer of this text shows skill. The writer encourages the reader through Gulliver’s story. The text presents Gulliver as a common place man who lacks higher education. However, he has a powerful gift of expression. He quickly understands his native tongue and becomes fluent in it.  This adds to humor in the play. The writer combines several stylistic devices in his writing. The use of satire is evident in the book. We can tell this from his tone.


It is not always right to criticize. As Alexander Pope states, poets become excellent poets through making. The talent is not natural. For this reason, it is improper to criticize poets, giving flimsy excuses such as easy and cliché rhymes. This does not make sense. If a poet starts with these simple rhymes, he will develop his skill such that, at some point, he will start to use complex rhyme patterns. Everybody has a chance to express his gift of art through writing. As Pope Alexander puts in the second line, “to err is human, to forgive divine”, anybody can make a mistake. We should forgive writers who make mistakes. Criticizing them does not help.

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