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The main objective of the given paper is to discuss and analyze the characters, conflicts, style, foreshadowing, theme, climax, plot, and historic context in The Mystery of Chaco Canyon documentary. The essay also analyzes the themes  of the film.

The Main Themes

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The Mystery of Chaco Canyon represents and examines the deep enigmas from the massive prehistoric fragments in New Mexico. The main themes of the film reveal a complex and stiff celestial pattern throughout the vast desert region. The film is a challenge to the Chaco Canyon notion that was initially a redistribution and trade center. The theme of mystery reflects on the primary purpose of the celestial patterning and helps the audience to understand the mystery of this culture. Additionally, this theme is evident in the landscape, directions, and movement of light and shadow.

The theme of race is also present in The Mystery of Chaco Canyon. It is crucial to note that all the characters in the film have at one time or another experienced race affiliation.  This is evident when the Chacoans leave no written texts about their thoughts and culture, which could be preserved for future generations. The film represents the language used by the Chacoan builders to express their thoughts and knowledge.

From the captivating aspect, this is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in America. Anna Sofaer unveils the lunar and solar complexity of the Chacoan buildings. The theme of progression also appears in the film. In the process, the film shows a clear picture of the work of intelligence in the Chacoan society and its architecture.

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A unique concept makes The Mystery of Chaco Canyon full of indigenous thought and values. Moreover, it describes the grounded scientific methods.  The film is absorbing and spacious.

The film narration, soundtrack, and photography are not only compelling but also have a perfect blend. Moreover, a clear understanding of architecture, astronomy and surveying are present in the film. The Mystery of Chaco Canyon is valuable, respectful, and decent. It should be mentioned that archaeological work at Chaco Canyon had a significant contribution to the film. The ancient ruins of Chaco Canyon, built in 850 and 1150 A.D. in New Mexico, are described in the movie. The film clearly demonstrates precise and intricate astronomical alignments in many buildings, which spread over a wide area. The alignments and other evidences support the theory used in The Mystery of Chaco Canyon.

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Historical Context

The film clearly reflects a historic period, showing the diminishing expectations of the people. During this period, poverty was at an extremely high rate. A few people were working at that time and earned insufficient wages. However, it could not change the poverty situation.

Climax and Plot

The events of this film start with a fundamental set of details. The conflict and additional complications are progressively developed. The climax of the film ends with a denouement and conclusion of the film is extremely straightforward yet highly intense.


The cinematography is stunning and unique. The film portrays a clear picture of the ancient treasure. All this was created with the help of computer modeling and the real time interviews with the scholars and intellectuals. A unique historical importance of the ancient civilization is depicted. However, the film does not reveal the cause of this area’s destruction. Despites, it is quite informative and interrogative. The Mystery of Chaco Canyon has received many awards including Bronze Plaque Award of Columbus International Film.

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