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Walt examines the present status of power and influence of the United States of America. He also talks about the direction that this power and influence might be heading.  The author theorizes that the supremacy of the United States of America cannot last forever and that the signs of its falling are evident.  According to the author, the answer to this problem is for the U.S. to desist from taking direct control of its interests. This would entail using allied powers to guard the American interests. The country can accomplish this by withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan, removing troops from Europe, ending the hitherto relationship of Israel, and refocusing on Asia. This will allow another country to fill in the power vacuum, in so doing, relieving the country from its current threat of falling. Besides, acting as an "offshore balancer" will enable it focus on rebuilding its fast failing infrastructure and economy. The other reason for the necessity of change is for America to reduce its accumulated debt. According to Walt, the current accumulated debt is due to its highhanded foreign policy, which makes it intervene almost anywhere it deems necessary.
Walt has raised issues of immense significance concerning the American nation. This is invaluable advice that the country can choose to ignore and perish, or take into consideration and escape! The current highhanded foreign policy has made America a dangerous place to live. In modern times, American enemies, both domestic and foreign, have steadily increased. For instance, the superpower highhandedness might have disillusioned some Americans to the extent of copying the style and becoming terrorists, like the recent “batman shooter”.  This American hypocrisy is making Americans suffer in their own country.  It might beat reason why America is the biggest imposer of democracy, yet practices autocratic tendencies like invading Iraq on false grounds. This implies that, it is time America changes its foreign policy and focus more on its domestic troubles than on foreign ones.

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