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Casablanca was a movie set during World War 11 in Casablanca, Morocco. Here, the main characters are the hero Bogart as Rick Blaine, Ingrid as Ilsa, Henreid starring as Laszlo among other others and characters. It is set during the early 1940s when Germany attacked and rummaged through Casablanca in morocco to chuck out escaping Jews and Germans who were evading the persecution and the German across the French colonies (Wordell et al, 47).  


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This movie is considered classic a movie history because not only does it do a great deal to indicate its major themes on the how people were affected by the war, plight of refugees, injustices, corruption and politics, but also because it had an unpredictable love, very twisted that was subject to many barriers by the struggle for freedom. The director aided by his team of video, audio, and cinematography’s artistic attributes of this remains superb given excessive use of emerging artistic cinema formulations would have altered the movie’s time of incidence; simple devises such as the culture of handshakes is utilized to portray either rivalry or friendship that exist between the Germans and the French subjects (Julius et al. 23).


The movie is found on the fleeing of war refugees from torn France attempting to get passage into America. The movie revolves around the struggles of hostilities in Europe and of those between lovers. Casablanca is portrayed as a war waypoint to be found in Northern Africa someplace refugees from the fighting against the Nazis escaped (Wordell, 66).  The only bottle neck is that it is a violent place to live and a good number of refugees that came here, never made it out alive. Casablanca’s police were extremely corrupt and often paid refugees for them to get letters of transit. Here, only the rich or the lucky were able to escape Casablanca and figure out their way to America to live in harmony. This is a very essential idea in this movie given that it sets the background for all the drama and action that takes place throughout the entire movie (Casablanca).

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The scheme of this movie is traced into Paris, France where the Rick begun to fall in love with Ilsa, a Norwegian, though it turned out that their love was to be short lived since the German soldiers hit and occupied France in the year 1940 displacing the lovers who were scheduled to elope together but to no success. Afterwards, Ilsa after having walked out of Rick gets herself intrigued to escape into Casablanca with her new better half Victor Laszlo who had been arrested twice in concentration camps but by chance escaped and now making his way to Morocco destined to the United States. Satirically, Ilsa’s love for Rick failed because she had refused to escape with Rick from Paris, but she eventually escapes one year later with another man as her husband, for that reason, the theme of deceived love emotions are nicely brought out through this deed (Casablanca). Rick as a hero is swindled by love though Ilsa explains the situation behind her marriage to another man; however, Rick’s forgiving trait though he remains cynical is portrayed through his will to assist Ilsa and her new husband gain departure visas to Lisbon, Portugal.

Political themes are similarly elaborated in this movie, Casablanca. The German’s occupation and wars broke the love bonds between Rick and Ilsa thus developing an impression that German’s invasion war disrupted many European and above all French families, marriage and social lives, therefore transgressing on the freedoms and liberties of the French citizens and other nationalities. Then, Rick’s cafe was a French neutral area where fleeing refugees got French exit Visas United States and to Lisbon (Wordell 27). As a result, the war had the causal factors for dispersing people. Equally, the monetary cost of escaping was perceived throughout this movie as people struggled and few became successful according to their economic ranks. Nationality is the other factor displayed by the hero of the movie where, Rick decided to sing un perturbed the French’s national anthem to defy drunken German war soldiers who were singing their national songs at the top their highest voices. Rick is labeled as a French defiant hero who openly defied the German intimidating policy of occupation to a point that he protected all the refuges in his cafe whilst the French government underneath the Vichy was oppressed through being forced to make payment for all the Germans’ expenses (Casablanca).

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On the other part, the deployable situations under which the stranded individuals and refugees’ life creates an emotional and an appeal to blame the German soldiers and the war’s policy that interfered with the life of many people. Rick stands out as a hero who withstands the German presence to make sure that his cafe succeeded in delivering legal exit Visas to other French citizens or other affected refugees of war from Europe. Lastly, notion of waging hostilities on political territories through occupying and taking overall control of affairs of the newly acquired territories is indicated by the German’s extended attacks on colonies with the likes of Morocco. The best excerpt to conclude the inconsistent spilling of Europe’s political affairs to Africa is “Regrettably the scum of Europe did gravitate towards Casablanca”; while the Germans were stereotyped as vultures although they equally address the other nationals and French the same injustices “The place is filed by vultures! Vultures all over the place.” (Casablanca). The statements elucidated political hatred amongst individuals resulting from ideological differences. 

Emotional vigor is best made use of by the movie’s director such that the sad moments are equally shared by the movie’s audience. For example, the quote “The fortunate ones…may obtain exit scurry and visas to Lisbon” is a proclamation that generates the feeling of oppression, lack, and openly points to the heightened warfare caused by Germans. Additionally, an appeal to pathos is indicated throughout the entire movie aimed to create a war familiarity to the audience and viewers of the movie. Besides developing terror in the viewers and the actors, likewise, human rights were contravened where the German soldieries used their occupation of France to destabilize people by probing into them; “This is the normal round-up of liberals, refugees, and beautiful girls hailing from Monsieur Renault, the best of the police” (Casablanca).


Irrefutably, Casablanca is a heroic movie that shows all categories of themes from European nationalities such as marriage, love, family life, political, and economic steadiness as they interrelate with dictatorship and disaster cultures war. Though the movie was not actually acted in Morocco, Casablanca, the intended themes are best conveyed via scenery sounds and songs (Julius 28). The most epic activity was when Rick promised to pay all his workers the salaries though the cafe was closed to regular business in order to take care of the war situation on the humanitarian crisis (Solomon).

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