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Life span development starts immediately one is conceived and continues till death occurs. There are many changes in the life of a person and this is defined as development, it can be in form of physical growth, cognitive development or psychosocial development (carole-lium & Carol-lynn, 2005). The case study involves a client by name Danny who explains that he is puzzled by his difficulty to associate with others as he recently graduated with an MBA (from a prestigious state school), and describes that “everything should be so perfect.” Danny mainly outlines problems working with new people, especially males; he also describes “a feeling of insecurity” and a “need to show he is as good as other graduates.

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The condition Danny explains is mainly due to cognitive development and psychosocial development, since cognitive is responsible for the way children think and perceive the world through continuous perception, language, learning memory and problem solving while psychosocial shows changes in personal and interpersonal development   e.g. emotions and social relationships. On social ways, children understand friendship, sharing and interactions with others. In order to realize full development all developments must interact and influence one another achieve status of a normal human being (Sigelman & Ridel, 2008).

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Danny case study is an example of persons who have not undergone full development psychosocially since his social fitting is not as desired. Social competence is affected by psychosocial development in a person that means Danny did not have full development as a teenager; this is evident when he is insecure at the work place.  This is going to largely affect his career since he is not in a position to perform perfectly with this disorder, which will lower his production levels and if he is being paid by his production and not monthly then his salary will be affected. This problem may advance to his marriage since any stress on an individual will most likely be relieved to the ones he feels most comfortable with. If his earnings are affected then the same affects his living standard which translates to affecting family and friends.

Danny has also got another disorder brought about by psychosocial disturbances which are referred to as dominance hierarchy; the symptoms on Danny are when he tries to prove himself as better and classifying his co-workers in relation to his education status. Dominance hierarchy is obtained by a developing person in his middle childhood when he has chances to have a beneficial understanding about social hierarchies. Danny did not develop this aspect, hence his backward nature in the social status in the work place. This will also bring incorrect procedures in reporting at the work place for Danny who may even contend with his superiors on certain matters. His career maybe hanging at the balance since lack of productivity, coupled with the hierarchical mismatch will result to total incompetence hence be seen as qualified for the job, Danny’s friends will also tend to alienate him since he seems abnormal and also due to the loss of employment his social status changes thus making him not fit in his current friend’s groups. Well given this psychological disorder then Danny will have a hard time in his new created world of abnormality.

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Danny now needs a remedy which will include social learning through a psychologist to enable him recover from his condition. Social learning is acquisition of social competence happening particularly in social groups, this promotes the development of individual emotional and practical competence and also the image of oneself and understanding other individuals’ competence and limitations. The untreated effects of Danny’s condition will result to borderline personality disorder which is the prolonged disturbance of personality. He will be showing signs like deep and variable moods which are unstable, staring in the air, he can be chaotic, have an unstable interpersonal relationship, self image, identity and lack of a sense of self (Haywood & Nancy, 2008). This will make Danny have difficulties in maintaining relationships at work, home and social places. With prolonged infections without proper care and therapy he may end up attempting suicide, making his life span shorter than it ought to be. Proper development of any child is key to maintaining his entire life span at the toddler’s best productivity levels.

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