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Humans are sociable creatures who share their love and attention not only with their families and friends, but also with pets. Pets will never be busy or fickle, and all they dream about is to be stroked, kissed and played with by their owners. They are a part of our families and an inseparable part of our lives and memories. The most popular pets are dogs and cats, while the most preferred dogs are purebred ones. The modern society is in constant struggle against racism and gender inequality, but these problems are still evident in everyday life. Millions of mongrels are starving and abused, waiting for just a wink and a piece of someone’s hot dog to make them happy. Since their birth, they live nightmarish lives, and only few of them are lucky enough to be loved and cared for.  However, one will never find more devoted friends than them.

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Mongrels and purebreds live two totally different lives. Purebred puppies are well-treated well-fed and expensively sold. But what is the difference between the two? Why cannot one find home, while the other is instantly adopted? The main reason is that purebred puppies carry a certain prestige with them, and are, therefore, easier to sell. People perceive purebreds as a "status symbol", whereas mongrels are considered degraded.

When it comes to choosing a pet, purebreds’ predictable size and temperament certainly matter a lot. Dog owners normally want their pet to be either a dachshund, or a fox terrier or a miniature schnauzer. The size does make a difference for them because keeping a 30-pound animal in an apartment is very inconvenient. Various full-blooded dogs have their own temperament and personality. Beagles, for example, are perfect for kids, while border collies are extremely active and may have nasty attitudes. Therefore, peculiarities of each breed should be taken into consideration when choosing a four-legged friend for life. When buying a purebred dog one should be prepared to bear the cost of vaccinations, provide good food and healthcare, as well as sacrifice one’s own spare time. If you really want to buy a purebred animal, it is better to find a reputable breeder to be able to showcase your pride and joy at dog shows. It is important to remember that buying a purebred means buying good genetics, too. 

But when you want a friend for your children and yourself, is it really necessary to find exactly such a dog, when thousands of common dogs are waiting for your love? Do your dog’s color, spots location, character, weight, and size really matter to you? Are you going to buy a pretty toy or get a new family member? Do parents always know what their child will be like? Whose eyes and nose will it have? Do they love their little one less for failing to meet their expectations in terms of appearance? So, why are we so selfish towards the friend we choose? Why do we seek the best blood but not heart?

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Taking a dog, we take the responsibility for it for the rest of its life. To choose the right dog, we should not focus on the color of its hair and pedigree, but rather fall in love with its eyes. If dog owners really care for their pets, the size and temperament of their four-legged friends will never be an issue for them.

Having its own distinguishing markings and spots, each mongrel is amazing. They have a fairly good disposition and their own unique personality. Moreover, mongrels are very forgiving, even if they were mistreated by people before becoming your pet. Most of their puppies are unwanted, especially female ones. Even though they are listed on the "rescue" lists, they have to wait for months before being adopted. As a result, many dogs are left to roam in the street and end up dying in an animal shelter. However, people continue to desperately look for expensive purebred puppies they have once seen in the picture.

I am not against purebred dogs; in fact, I believe they are very beautiful and smart.. Each of pedigree dogs is a representative of the whole generation with its characteristic features and abilities. But I am against snobbism and making possession of living creatures fashionable. I am not talking about dogs’ inequality, but rather people’s insane desire for prestige, which does not take into consideration animal suffering, thus leaving them to the mercy of fate. I respect purebreds and mongrels’ owners, and I like helping people. But I can not stand listening to common dogs, children, clothes, and food being mocked in this struggling for everyone’s equal rights society.

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When I was a child, I adored Astrid Lindgren’s book Karlsson-on-the-Roof, which my mother read me before bedtime. I secretly dreamed about the same dog Junior had, and one day my dream came true when my mother found a small female puppy near our fence. We did not have a dog and decided to keep it. She was a mongrel and her hair was shaggy, dry and thick. No one called her nice, but she was the best for me. She had a small round orange spot on her head. Whenever I felt lonely or misunderstood, I told her my secrets and thoughts and kissed that spot. Her hair was a bit longer under her lower jaw and anyone who saw her for the first time called her a ‘bearded’ dog. I really wanted her to look nice, so I cut the ‘beard’ off to stop everybody mocking her. Despite looking very unusual, she contrived to have amazingly fluffy puppies. The way I see it, her ancestors must have been really beautiful or she was a freak of some sort. My first dog had lived with me for thirteen years and died one winter night in her kennel. I was very sad and missed her, but I realized that that was inevitable.

In a year, I wanted to care about someone, who needed my love and started internet search. My family was against it. My father told me he would buy a big and purebred dog, which would guard our house. However, I would not listen to him. I would love to have a pedigree dog but I could not imagine my life without the affection, attention and protection only an underbred could give me. No one took the decision but chance solved the problem. I was going past a market place, when suddenly a small black puppy ran up to me waging its tail. The dog has lived with me ever since. My parents really disapproved of my choice saying that a female dog meant a lot of witless puppies nobody wanted. They also said I would not be allowed to walk with her in the park or take her on my couch while watching TV in the evening. But she stayed and my parents did not make any further attempts to talk me out of it. Occasionally, I give her injections to stop her from having puppies. It is not because I do not want them, but because I am scared of what awaits them when they grow up; and if I can reduce the Earth’s suffering I will do this.

A good friend of mine has a spaniel and fox terrier, and he does not consider mongrels as dogs at all. He says he will never adopt a hybrid, and that is the fate that awaits all abandoned dogs. His spaniel is a calm and very clever dog, which is very friendly with children and grownups. But the fox terrier is selfish and aggressive. Every time we walk in the forest, she jealously attacks the spaniel, and once she even bit my friend’s finger through. He explains that such a behavior is normal, because fox terriers were originally bred for hunting, but I do not believe it is normal for a purebred dog to bite its owner. Moreover, this summer she killed a two month-old kitten everybody loved.

Every dog should be trained and taken care of, no matter whether it is a purebred or a mongrel. Lack of attention, mistreatment, and wrong training may make a perfect purebred aggressive and dangerous. Before adopting a dog, you should consider the sacrifices you will have to make, such as giving it enough time, money and love. You should ask yourself a very important question, which is: What are you going to adopt it for? Do you really need a good friend or just a status symbol? Before your purebred has puppies, think about the quality of the puppies, but not the money you will earn. After adopting a mongrel, you should never stop caring for it. Do not follow fashion trends and social stereotypes. Follow your heart, and it will never deceive you. Fall in love with another creature’s eyes without caring for its breed, love its personality and devotion.

You may be crazy about some dogs’ breeds, but you should not forget to help not so privileged ones. You should neither mock nor abuse them. If you are a dog lover, you should love them without exception. Be kind to every living creature and their care and affection will never let you feel alone and sad.  

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